01 – Introduction To Chemistry – Online Chemistry Course – Learn Chemistry & Solve Problems {VIDEO}

This is just a few minutes of a complete course.
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In this lesson the student will be introduced to the core concepts of chemistry 1.


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  1. If mars is iron oxide it could mean millions of years ago space ships or cities were built and abandon leaving it rust causing the entire planet to be left with iron oxide

  2. Seriously wish I hate teachers like this guy in school might have actually done well. Now I have to re learn everything. This will make it so much easier

  3. That problem arises because of the idea that activity engages students while they are learning. So they solve problems using the specific requirements for the problem, but they do not have general knowledge of the content which is required for analysis. Hence, they always gravitate to playing with numbers rather than analytic reading to determine what is required.

  4. Wow I really like this teacher. Chemistry has always peeked my interest but I feared enrolling in the class in college. Now that I have a daughter who’s going into Forensic Science, my interest as awakened. Watching this teachers has encouraged me to enroll in a class and see how it goes. Thank you??????This video is appreciated?

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