04 How to Make Financial Data in Excel | Excel Practice Tutorials in Telugu | LEARN COMPUTER {VIDEO}

నమస్కారం.. ఈ ట్యుటోరియల్ నుండి “యమ్ స్ ఎక్సెల్ ” లో Practical Exercises నేర్చుకోబోతున్నారు. కావున వీడియో ని పూర్తిగా చూసి నేర్చుకోగలరు. నచ్చితే like మరియు share చేయగలరు. ధన్యవాదాలు.
Friends..in this tutorial i will explained Ms Excel 2007 Practical Tutorials with Real Examples. If you like this video please hit “Like-Share-Subscribe. Thank you.

Topics In This Tutorial:
How to Make Financial Data in Excel 2007 in Telugu using pmt, ppmt, ipmt functions
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Ms Excel 2007 Tutorials in Telugu :

Advanced Ms Excel 2007 Tutorials in Telugu:

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  1. Your excel lessons are so useful but please also present them in English so that some of us who do not understand your language can also benefit from the lessons. Thanks .

  2. Your excel lessons are so useful but please also present them in English so that some of us who do not understand your language can also benefit from the lessons. Thanks .

  3. Finland data bagany vundhi
    Sir Baku fought
    Parathyroid Mela interest tho baddies kalepi kattuthunnam
    Mari next month amount tagguthundi Kada
    Mari danki baddies ela

  4. హాయ్ సర్ మీ వీడియోస్ చాలా బాగుంటాయి ఎక్సెల్ వీడియోస్ నాకు ఒక ఫార్మాట్ కావాలి ఎలా అంటే ఒక సెల్ లో వాల్యూ ఎంటర్ చేస్తే పక్క సెల్లో డేట్ రావాలి ఒక వీడియో చేయండి సర్

  5. bayya na doubt….
    financial data lo pmt ppmt and ipmt total chesinappudu….same ne data ni enter chesanu but ppm ppmt ipmt lo result vacchinappudu neeku $ symbol tho answer vacchindhi….but naku rupee symbol tho answer vacchindhi…thats not a problem…but -(minus) tho answer vasthundhi….pls reply
    and also inko dount ఏంటంటే….ppmt ipmt vaatilo 1st two results bane vasthunnai but next results…######ani vasthunnai em cheyyalo reply ivvu mohan bro

  6. Thanks u very much sir , really your explanation is awesome and very clear any body can easily understand it easily.my request please upload a video and xls file on for accountant and financial jobs to work smartly. thanks in advance.

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