10 min Guided Meditation for Self-Love and Compassion with Alli Simon {VIDEO}

“From Heart to Heart”

Alli Simon guides you through steps of forgiveness, love and gentleness in this empowering self-love meditation.

Through actions and thoughts of self-love, self-care and self-awareness, we find deep compassion for ourselves and then for others. The more compassion we feel, the more gratitude arises, and as more gratitude arises, the more compassion gets created.

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Screenshot the affirmation at 10:32 so you can keep it with you.

Alli (@omgirlalli) is a yogi and meditation teacher from LA, celebrating
mindfulness, self love and connection through the power of meditation.

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  1. omg. that was life changing. i had so much anxiety over this pandemioc and the love i have for my family and i dont want them to get hurt and i am very codependant on others. that brought me peace. it literally made me hysterically laugh and then cry letting go of the negative people and forgiving. that was transending for me thank you so much. i suffer from bpd bipolar anxiety and ptsd. Thank you. with alll the love and blessings

  2. i really like her voice. She has a lovely mellow quality in how she speaks. I get the feeling that she speaks from within the state that she wants to help us create in ourselves. It certainly works for me! I also appreciate that she includes forgiveness, which is something I include a lot in my own work.

  3. Thank you so much, I didnt expect this to help me be at peace with my past. Something I definitely struggle with. This is a good start to my journey forward. Thank you again.

  4. You helped me change with this. I cant even put into words how beautiful of an experience this was. Thank you isn’t enough.

  5. Does anybody have anymore links to more guided meditations like this? with just the words and no music lol— the ones with music are just too distracting for me

  6. This meditation was absolutely beautiful. I never knew a guided meditation could make you cry this much, but I feel so much better. Please post more similar simple, yet powerful guided meditations for beginners such as myself. I'll be listening to this every night before bed until you post more. Thanks so much.

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