10 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Powerful Visualisation) | Video

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A powerful 10 minute manifestation meditation taking you on a visualisation journey to manifest your goal.

Before you start this guided meditation, clarify a particular goal or vision you would like to be realised within your life. Do this visualisation meditation often and you will enhance the power of the manifestation process.

Carefully crafted to harness the omnipotent force that is the Law of Attraction, this abundance meditation will enable you to manifest your most prized goals into your life!

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Remember – there are no limits aside from those you place on yourself.


With love,
Jess @ Live The Life You Love ❤️️

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  1. I pictured being a successful actor, walking the red carpet, and running a successful business with me living in a mansion in Hollywood. I also have a beautiful family and 2 kids and knowing I can give them an amazing life I didn't have. That was my vision, and I'm going to do this meditation every single day until I finally manifest it. Thank you so much

  2. Just now I did this meditation..
    IAM feeling powerful…
    IAM feeling happy…
    Through out the meditation iam keep on smiling & enjoying the new meditation Manifestation process…
    IAM feeling Blessed ❤️? Thank You so much dear Jess….
    Thank You so much Universe ?
    I know I'm receiving these all positive vibrant energy….now I'm feeling pretty good to be here in this place…
    Yes, my goal is happening…
    Its already started manifesting…?
    Lots of love to you maa?

  3. deep down I know that that all this meditations and visualizations that I am doing, the belief and faith that I have, will bring to me everything I desire! yes, I claim it❤️

  4. thank you so so much. i’m manifesting something kind of big, so i was worried. i want to return to school like normal in two months, all the fun activities resumed, my friends there, and for everything to be normal there. but for that, the spread of covid must slow. i didn’t think that was something i could manifest. nevertheless, i think i’ll try and do this twice a day. it’s a good feeling to know someone believes in me.

  5. I pictured a huge crowd at a music festival and i was on stage. i also pictured the growth of my music career. i visualized a little girl that i had inspired run up to me and give me a hug because my music helped her. i also pictured how i want my room to look ahha

  6. I have been envisioning my success as an actress with my ideal soulmate and so many other things for months and months and I feel it actually coming together and this was such a good meditation and I was so happy by the end of it. I pictured getting a star in the walk of fame. I really need a sign or for things to start happening so I am grateful for this. Thank you Jess, hope everything you want comes true too. 🙂

  7. im sorry i really have to write this i havent seen my bestfriend in 10 months because of her strict grandma and quarantine we are planning to meet up and see each othee her grandma will let her i believe in the universe

  8. I saw me becoming indipendent and getting a good job and giving back to my family everything they gave to me to be like this. I was happy seeing them happy and I was satisfied with myself and proud

  9. thank yon so much for this i needed something as strong as this visualization you don’t understand how important it is to me (,:

  10. As soon as the breathing exercises finished and I was envisioning my dreams I felt the energy change in my body to tingles and I had the most genuine smile on my face. I feel alive more than ever. I felt this energy once before when I had a reiki session. I am crying tears of joy and my heart feels open to love and manifesting my dream that I hope will come true within the next 2 years. Thank you.

  11. this works! my manifestation came to me the SAME DAY that i did this meditation. keep visualizing but remain unattached, peace and love!

  12. I want my drivers lisence so bad you guys. So so bad. I’ve been working really hard towards it and my road test is in two weeks but road tests are still currently suspended due to covid 19. Today is June 4 and my test is on June 17. I manifest that it WILL open by June 17 and I WILL pass and get my lisence. I will check back within the next few weeks and keep you guys updated. If you see this, what you are manifesting WILL happen for you too. I see it. I believe it. Sending everyone love and positivity.

  13. i trust the universe to bring me what i asked for when the time is right for me. thank you thank you thank you!!!! i know this will happen and i know yours will too ???

  14. Whoever is reading this, my manifestation is to enlighten people through my music, so I ask you all to follow me on this journey!! Much love ❤️

  15. Started crying because I visualized it and was so full of happiness and being proud that I achieved it <3 thank you for the video I’m glad I found it when I did

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