15-minute meditation: Body scan {VIDEO}

This 15-minute meditation practice works with your awareness and attention to enhance your ability to reach a meditative state of consciousness. https://www.piedmont.org/livingbetter


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  1. too much woo. I meditate to connect with reality, not to imagine things that aren't happening. I don't want to hear about breathing in love or air hanging out above my head.

  2. Hahahahaha when she said, ‘toe’ I just died??and when she said, ‘breathing in love and kindness’ I literally thought, ‘mmmm egg farts’

  3. My bunny thought I was dead and she ran and started sniffing me. Then she lashed on top of my stomach and just pooped. I opened my eyes and I thought it was a coco puff so I almost ate it?

  4. Hello friends I'm very happy to tell you about this meditation practice works with your awareness and attention to enhance your ability to reach a meditative state of consciousness And this meditation is a great for all levels.

    This practice balances your mood, sharpens your mind and strengthens your memory.

    If you want to get great results, practice it for 11 minutes every day for 40 days.

    Kindly check it below


  5. I am the most relaxed I’ve ever been. And other than the brightest light I’ve ever seen through my eyelids while meditating, nothing was off unlike some meditation I’ve done. But I’m also a beginner and a Wiccan also it might be something trying to tell me something. Anyone else experience this? The middle of my being was also incredibly cold feeling.

  6. This is great! I'm starting my Ocean Meditations channel with binaural beats and original recorded and filmed content. This is also designed to enhance health and well-being. Peace.

  7. I haven't been feeling any emotions before this and whale doing this i started crying. I felt like the baror that was blocking me from emotions disappeared. Then the dog started barking right beside me and it hurt my ears… So now i hate lould dogs.
    Thanks though.
    Sorry for the spelling

  8. Thanks, I found this exercise extremely useful in reducing my usual turmoil of thoughts which distract my mind every time I engage in meditation. Personally I do not find any of the stupid comments here to be amusing the least, if you people can't appreciate this video why don't you just try something else more entertaining.

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  10. How do I breathe in through my foot and out my forehead? Then my dog woke up started drinking water then came over and dripped water on my face after that people started calling and texting me. All during this video.

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