20 Days of Live Meditation with Jay Shetty: Day 6 | Video

20 Minutes for 20 Days. Starting March 20. 12:30pm EST

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Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster, and former monk who wants to make wisdom go viral. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a monk, and truths he has learned to make others’ lives better.

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  1. Day 6 of meditation felt so relaxing and calming I was literally so lost in my breath and also visualizing a beautiful magical forest and really enjoying the moment.And also I loved the beautiful process of when we had to motivate ourselves and encourage ourselves to be more positive and also love ourselves and not be harsh on ourselves. I truly loved the whole process of today’s meditation it literally felt magical to me. Thank you so much Jay 😊.

  2. Say with 3 intentions
    Believe it.
    Mean it.
    Feel it. ❤️
    I'm grateful for where I am.🙏
    I'm peaceful in the process.💜
    I trust myself. 😊
    I'm resilient and strong. 💪🏻
    My peace is my choice. 😇

    Let's change our thoughts.
    Change our reality.
    A new thought to be planted in the garden of our minds. 🌺

    Thank you Jay 🙏❤️
    Best part of the Meditation 😁💜

  3. Absolutely grateful for these meditations day by day, Jay, they're teaching me so many different ways to find inner peace and remind me (all the various and wonderful ways) to focus on and get back in touch with our breath and our breathing. Often, I'm working on my digital animation film projects (master student) at home and listening to your meditations and joining in the breathing, then writing down certain of the quotes you give, it's such a lovely ritual I'll be continuing for myself after the meditations are over, or get back to them when needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this and reaching out and having this community of people coming together to meditate and sending out positivity. It's beautiful.

  4. This was AMAZING! I've been meditating primarily through an app by a fellow former monk for a year now, which has been life-saving. i LOVE the visualization and aligning of the breath that you do. I'm in Michigan USA. I also love your procrastination class!! Thanks so much!!!!

  5. So good again! Thank you. Fell asleep last night midway through so did it again so I could experience the whole thing. Thank you for reminding us if our resilience! Love it and so appreciate the why of what we're doing in these sessions.

  6. Day 6: i found really peaceful and extremely happy soul while i was walking in the forest and i could feel the fresh air,leaves and flowers fragrance and birds creeping and I felt really calm my self and peaceful with my self and I know I could able to hear my inner voice peacefully. Thank u jay

  7. Greetings from South Africa, I am catching up with mediation. I feel a sense of gratitude 🙏. Thank you to be part of a process to uplift the spirits and energy levels in a challenging and uncertain world . 💗

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