4 Word Mantras (Affirmations) For Hair Growth

Hair Growth or regrowth can occur at at any given time. Hair follicles remain alive and ready to resume normal hair production when they receive the appropriate signal, so it is important to focus on sending your follicles the signals they require on a regular basis. A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation” or in this case, a signal. Mantras can be said out loud or repeated as a thought at any given time throughout the day.

Tips on using Mantras For Hair Growth

  • Start with one or two mantras at a time and see what works for you.
  • Begin with intention – visualize the hair or hair style that you would like to have.
  • The first few times focus on the mantra and have it fixed it your mind. See what comes to mind as you focus on the affirmation. If anything negative arises – go there and question it. There may be something there that is holding not only our hair regrowth back, but perhaps other parts of your life.
  • Once your mantra presents you with clear and positive images, let go of the images and focus only on the repetition. You may find it easier to use your breath while repeating affirmations as you get started.
  • When you are comfortable with your mantra(s), use them at different intervals throughout the day, repeating at least twice each time.
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As you become more experienced using affirmations, they will become automatic. You may find yourself driving in the car or the grocery store and suddenly take notice of what is going on in your head. Once you have set the intention of your mantra, it will work on its own speed – you just have to be mindful to use the repetition at different times throughout the day. Remember, in order for an mantra to work, you must first set the intention, focus on it and then let it go and believe that it will manifest.

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4 Word Mantras (affirmations)

  • I have healthy hair
  • Shiny, long, silky hair
  • My hair is growing
  • My hair is long (curly, healthy, use your own adjective here)
  • I love my hair
  • I have abundant hair
  • Love my hair regrowth

These are some suggestions for mantras – they are simple, but effective. Play around with them and personalize them to your liking, keeping them easy to remember and repeat. Use them in conjunction with meditation to become even more effective.

Source by Chris Jeffrey-Hall