5 Reasons Why You Should Not Own An Apple iPhone

Apple has done a terrific job telling the world regarding their iPhone. Their marketing strategy has worked and also the iPhone is just one of the most popular cellular devices to own. For those curious about staying on par with the Jones’ the apple iphone is a must have product this year and probably the following year as well. The question is does the Apple iPhone meet the buzz. Is the iPhone truly worth top dollar? What do the customers claim? Below are the top 5 factors not to own an apple iphone.

The very first reason is the price. This is an extremely costly cell phone. The average cost for an iPhone is in between $500 – $600. That is a lot of money for a phone. At this cost it is truly a high-end thing as there are phones that offer comparable features for a lot less. For net and e-mail abilities you can obtain a Blackberry or Motorola Q for a whole lot less than an iPhone. If you are looking for touch displays and music, there are thousands of phones that will certainly match these needs without having to spend a fortune. Although the apple iphone’s marketing is geared toward teenagers and young adults, does a teen really require a $500 cell phone? This is the fist reason in our Top 5 factors not to possess an iPhone: Cost.

Reason number two in the top 5 reasons not to have an apple iphone, the battery. Do you know under normal circumstances you can not change the battery in your apple iphone? If that battery dies, you run out of all luck. Apple decided that soldering the battery to the system was more suitable to providing an exclusive battery unlike any common cellular phone battery. By doing this when your battery looses power, as it will certainly in under 2 years, you have to obtain a brand-new iPhone. Apparently lots of users did not realize this as Apple made no effort to make this open secret. Now they remain in litigation over the battery concern. Consequently, if you are thinking about getting an apple iphone make certain to obtain a guarantee that covers the battery if you can. Otherwise you will certainly be paying for another phone within 24 months which is the typical life of a modern day cell phone battery.

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Reason three: Web access. Although the apple iphone is proclaimed as having remarkable internet connection capacities, there are several shortcomings to its internet browser. The web browser’s search capabilities are significantly lacking. This makes locating what you want online challenging as well as time consuming. The other feature the internet browser does not have is the ability to store passwords. This might have been done as a safety measure as mobile phone are not as secure as a laptop, COMPUTER or Mac. However, tracking a great deal of passwords is tough. Web browsing as well as web browser issues is our third factor.

Reason 4 not to own an apple iphone is memory. You can buy a 6 GB, an 8 GB, or a 16 GB apple iphone. When you consume every one of your available space on the apple iphone, you need to erase or withdraw material to another device like your PC or Mac. Many iPhone proponents declare that this storage ability removes the demand for a different MP3 player, such as an iPod, as a result saving you some cash. In truth, teens can download and install 16 GB of music and also video in an extremely brief quantity of time. This leaves no memory for various other applications or images. You will certainly still require a separate MP3 player so there are no actual savings to be had right here. There is no capacity to upgrade the memory using a memory card or flash drive. This is one more area where the apple iphone is lacking.

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Lastly, reason number 5 in our top 5 factors not to possess an iPhone is the service provider. You are restricted to AT&T’s cell phone solution bundles for the iPhone if you want to utilize it. These packages are costly as they all include information and also internet. AT&T has no incentive to change their apple iphone service pricing because they have unique rights to supply service to the iPhones. This has actually led to a variety of hacked apples iphone on the market that can be used on other networks. As long as Apple and AT&T’s arrangement stays unique, you will have hackers.

In general, the apple iphone is an overpriced, over hyped, mobile phone. These leading 5 reasons not to own an iPhone are valid and you must consider this before you get one.