7. Debug Python code using PyCharm [Python 3 Programming Tutorials] | Video

The python video covers how to debug code in Pycharm, what are the elements of PyCharm, basic concepts of debugging, how to set a breakpoint, use of watches and when to use step over function.

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Topics that are covered in this Video:
0:15 Create new project
2:42 Elements of PyCharm editor
3:52 menu(Dashboard)
4:05 Project panel
4:16 Core editor
4:25 Console output
5:00 Debugging
5:46 Set breakpoint
7:04 Watches
7:20 Step over function

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Next Video:
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  1. Hi Sir, Thanks for creating wonderful course.. I am enjoying learning so far. Thanks again!
    Pycharm is not showing autocomplete in my case. what to do?

  2. Hi Dear Brother, Your Explanation is perfect and very easy to follow, I have completed Your Data Science Course, and confident now. So that I am Planning to do the same style and content in my Mothertounge Malayalam. Can I use your Jupyter notebooks and other content for that? Anyway thanks a lot.

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