7 Min Meditation to Start Your Day | Yoga With Adriene {VIDEO}

Use this 7 Min Meditation to set a positive intention for the course of your day.

This all levels mindful meditation is designed to help you gather yourself, connect to what feels good and bring you a healthy focus for your day. All you need is 7 minutes and an open mind!

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Taking time to meditate daily will improve mental clarity, lower stress levels and shift anxious energy into trust.

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. Direct your energy to assist you in manifesting what it is you want to both gain and contribute to the world.

    Taking time to slow down and be still will reunite you with your intentions, dear one.

    This week’s free video is flying in to help.

    Think you don’t have the time? Think again.

    Take this 7 minutes (in heaven) to slow down, be still and set intentions for an amazing day.

  2. I did this before today's CREATE practice. So good, 7 min never went by so fast. Just may be my new appetizer before every practice. Thank you, Namaste.

  3. Thanks, Adriene. It is amazing. I like listening to the wave, to make myself feel relax and go into the meditation state every night before sleep. It really works well. Please feel free to visit my channel to listen the wave for meditation if you are interested. I would appreciate your comments and I want to know what work best for you.

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