7 Rules How to Make Money Online Writing Articles – Fast and Furious!

How do you make money online from writing good articles, there are so many articles out there how will yours make a difference. In this article we go through some of the outlines of article marketing and how to promote your work.

This can seem a daunting fact for many as they think they don’t have the skills or don’t know what to write about. You don’t have to be a Shakespeare to be successful in this business. In fact, at the beginning you might be plain dreadful. But like all things in life, if you stick at it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll become good at it.

Writing articles for cash is a great way to get you started in making money online. It can take up to hour a day to write one and then submit it. If you’ve done your job write you’ll get the traffic and in return you’ll build a reputation, which can be turned into cash by the products you promote.

Below are the basic rules to stick by, if you follow these then you’ll do well.

1. Title:

Use your Keyword phrase in the title e.g ‘7 rules how to make money online writing articles’ the keyword phrase being ‘how to make cash online’

2. Body:

write about 300-500 words about the topic you have chosen. Research before hand is obviously required, such as keywords and articles on the same topic.

a) Paragraph 1- When you begin your article state the reason for the article and why it exists.

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b) Paragraph 2 – Talk about the subject and the problem. Again you can find this out from your own research.

c) Paragraphs following – Talk about ways to overcome this problem. The trick to writing articles, is keep it short and to the point. A paragraph should be no more than 2 – 3 sentences long. Don’t panic if you go over that amount though, it’s not a strict rule… the article police won’t be banging down your door. Bang!… Bang!… Bang!… back in a bit, someone’s at the door.

d) Final Paragraph – Talk about the conclusion, how to fix it or overcome the problem.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, a masterpiece or a novel. Once you start in this industry, you’ll realize that from the beginning. If you stick at it you can easily make money online writing and submitting articles.

3. Find an affiliate program:

This is important if you want to make money online, you have to have a product to sell or promote which you’ll think will help the problem. Finding an affiliate program can be as simple conducting a search on one of the many search engines for ‘your topic affiliate program’.

4. Add you Affiliate link:

Sign up with the affiliate program and get you affiliate link to promote in your article. Sometimes you’ll be ask to provide your link in a resource box from the article directory.

The resource box is a few paragraphs explaining a bit a you and the product you are promoting. The way to do this is to be subtle with your wording, try to keep away from ‘Do This’ or ‘Click Here’. You don’t have to… it’s just something I like to keep in mind.

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5. Submitting your articles:

When you have finished your article and checked it over, then it’s time to submit it to the world and see what happens. Here’s a list of the top 5 article directories vote by Alexa rating –

a) EzineArticles.com

b) ehow.com

c) Articlebase.com

d) Buzzle.com

e) Helium.com

6. Make a cup of tea or coffee:

Try to cut back on the sugar as it’s not good for you, by using honey. Find a comfortable rocking chair, sit back and stare at your computer screen, chanting ‘read my article’ ‘read my article’ ‘read my article’…

7. Write another one:

I know someone who writes an article a day and earns good money online from these articles. Finding the right program to promote is also essential to your success on how to make money online. Chose wisely and you’ll reap the rewards.

Anyhow that’s all for now and good luck with it all. This article has been a brief overview on how to make money online using article marketing, there’s obviously ways you can streamline all this and become a Jimi Hendrix among the buskers. Not that I’ve got anything against buskers… there’s some good one’s out there… but Jimi, really rocks!

All the best. Rob Hughes


Source by Rob M Hughes