A Collection of Idioms

Pharaoh’s Dream

In the Old Testament we come across Pharaoh who had a dream of seven robust bovines after which seven famished bovines came and ate them up. In the second dream, seven stalks of plump grain were seen after which seven stalks malnourished grain came and ate up the plump grain. As an idiom Pharaoh’s dream means the inability to interpret a dream.

Example: Pharaoh’s dream occurs to most people.


Joseph is found in the Old Testament and he refers as idiom to being a successful dream interpreter, a person with moral scruples and person who comes across fortune and position after a time of hardship.

Example: As far as dreams are concerned Freud was a Joseph.

There are at least few people in the world who are Josephs.

If a Joseph happens to me, I am lucky.

Dash Dash Dash Person

A dash dash dash person comes from the Malayalam language and it means a vulgar and despicable person.

Example: He is a dash dash dash person.


Rebecca’s story is found in the Old Testament. She was the wife of Jacob and she overheard the conversation of Jacob telling Esau the eldest son to fetch some good game so that he can to satisfaction and bless him. Rebecca loved Isaac the younger son more. And she asked him to fetch a young goat and cooked it and covered Jacob’s hands with goat’s hair as his father was blind. Jacob ate pleasingly and blessed Isaac. As an idiom Rebecca means a conspiracy.

Example: The 1$ Bill has symbols which point out to a Rebecca.

Cults like the Illuminati, Masons and Bilderberger are Rebeccas of the society.

I am a Rebecca lover.

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Black Hole

We all know that a Black Hole is a collapsed remnant of a Star. It’s so dense that even light gets sucked into it. As an idiom it means a depressing situation from which there is no escape.

Example: I don’t want a black hole to happen to me.

The Jews had a Black Hole of a time under the Nazi regime.

Lot’s Daughter

Well all know the story of Lot found in the Old Testament. Lot was Abraham’s nephew. There’s an incident where Lot’s daughters make him drunk and sleep with him in order to get progeny. As an Idiom Lot’s Daughter means incest.

Example: Lot’s Daughter is a taboo in contemporary society.

Lot’s Daughter rarely happens in society.

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Pond is an idiom in Malayalam language and it means messing things up.

Example: Don’t make a pond out of it.

Some people are always making ponds.


Work too is an idiom in Malayalam language and it means a situation where things don’t work properly.

Example: My computer is giving me work.

The car even after being repaired is giving work.


Quarks are tiny, tiny particles which form the building blocks of matter. As an idiom Quarks mean: a trifle.

Example: Don’t unsettle your mind with Quarks.

I treated my denial of job in Cambodia as a Quark.


Light consists of waves and particles called wavicles. A Wavicle as an idiom means a surprising, fortunate happening.

Example: When will a Wavicle happen to me?

I will be thrilled if a Wavicle happens to me.

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by Bose Anand