A Conspiracy of Love That Is Happiness

It is not often that men ask about the subject of love, but DeWayne was posing that idea one day toward the conclusion of my active years.

After the usual pleasantries about families and weather, etc., DeWayne asked, “What is the basis for happiness? What is the outcome of happiness?”

I said, “What brings this idea up, DeWayne?”

“Well,… I just think everything has a foundation upon which to build, and everything has a result, like a building or house built on that foundation,” said DeWayne.

“Okay. I see where you are coming from now. I think that the basis of happiness is love and the result of happiness is love as well. When we reach for happiness we find unconditional love. When we seek to exercise happiness in our world, we deploy happiness there too. Make sense?”

“Yes and no,” said DeWayne. “I understand that you believe that to be happy is the meaning of life and that when you are in deep contact with The All There Is, what you call Tathis, Dr. Bob, you will find that happiness. Sort of like a conspiracy, then?”

“I have never heard it given the name ‘conspiracy’ but it is clever of you. Yes, it is a conspiracy of love. You find love in the happiness you discover as you have found the meaning of life – to be happy. And when you express happiness in the world outside of yourself, you are distributing love, of course. Again, very clever of you.”

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“Just something that popped into my head,” said DeWayne.

“‘Love is all you need’, sang the Beatles,” said I. “So love is the basis or foundation upon which happiness is built. But for you, DeWayne, what does love mean?”

“Um, good question.” There was a pause in the conversation; looked like DeWayne was gathering his thoughts. “I suppose unconditional regard for something or someone other than yourself. But regard does not say what I really want to say.”

I said, “How about the word ‘heed’. It is seldom used but perhaps it can be used here. In other words, you pay attention to another as deeply as you can.”

DeWayne said, “That’s good, Dr. Bob, but I don’t think it is enough. I think you’ve got to do more than pay attention. I think you’ve got to try to build up the other person or thing. That’s more like what love means to me.

“Of course,” DeWayne went on to say, “you have got to pay attention to the other else there is no way to build him or her or it up. But without the up-building component, there is no result from paying attention.”

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“I think you are on to something. So, be aware so that you can do some up-building when the time is right. But how do think that applies to Tathis?”

“I think Tathis has us all in total, unconditional regard and that regard is given in the form of total and unconditional acceptance. And then, Tathis vibrates with us as we project the kinds of life experiences we wish to have. Of course, those can be negative experiences as well as positive ones, according to how we vibrate within and outside of ourselves.”

“Where did you get this wisdom, DeWayne?” I asked. I was impressed.

“I been thinking and reading and listening, Dr. Bob. Some of this you have taught, some I found in books. Some I think I put together in my own thoughts.”

“I think you have done a great job in reasoning out this conspiracy of love.”

DeWayne rose then from the office visitor’s chair and we shook hands. I invited him back to talk whenever he wished it. He said he would be back.

Are you participating in the conspiracy of love that is the basis and result of happiness? If not – begin today. If so – continue conspiring.


by Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk