A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester {VIDEO}

25 Hour Practice Ethical Hacking Course:
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0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – Day to day overview
2:31 – External / Internal Penetration Testing
6:11 – Web Application Penetration Testing
10:06 – Wireless Penetration Testing
12:13 – Physical/Social Testing
14:41 – SOC / Purple Teaming
16:33 – Report writing and debriefing

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  1. I've searched the entire internet. And can not find. Any information on how to exploit a path disclosure from a website. There truly is nothing. Nothing breaking down what a full path disclosure is on a website. What to do with one and how to exploit one.? Why is this. Is it a huge conspiracy or something lol its actually funny there's nothing in English explaining it or a tool that can be used to exploit a path disclosure. Or what one even is. In the first place. Extremely odd.

  2. At the external penetration section you are talking about network pentesting. Does that mean that you are trying to break in or find vulns on wi-fi networks? Or do you mean like a server? Can a server be considered as a network?

    Btw nice and informative video 🙂

  3. Hey, what a great course you have on Udemy. With you working remotely what sort of machine spec do you send your client and what sort of software do you have to call home on? Do you work on the remote machine or do you proxy chain your traffic from your machine to the remote machine?

  4. Hey !! Can you recommend me a web app pentesting course? I'm not really interested in the other ones, internal/external.

  5. Hello Brother, I'm willing to purchase your course on Ethical hacking on Udemy.
    For some reason your course looks pricey, can you please apply some discount coupons and give it to me so I can purchase it.

    Thank you in advance

  6. I may have missed it but how important is Wireshark or a packet analyzer to your assessments? I couldn't imagine not firing Wireshark up when doing an internal pentest at least

  7. Working on my CCT and CCNA, also an A+ cert then some python and a degree in Network Administration, I really like the idea of trying to crack stuff… what should I do next education wise

  8. Just found your video and it gave me an insight into my future career once I am done with my master degree in cyber security network operations.

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