A Good Example Of A Story Of Love and Relationship That Lasts

The fact of continually hearing so many stories of love and relationships, including the breakdowns make us wonder if love really exists anymore. The different kind of stories including love that leads to harm, love that leads to death, and love that can lead to hope, tell us much about the different types of love available.

When we think of the story of Bonnie and Clyde, we often wonder what bonded these two humans together. The couple remained faithful up until their death in a good relationship and with faithful love between them. Yet, their love was obviously misplaced. The love constructed on desire lead to death since the two joined in criminal activities that caused harm and death at the end of the relationship. The story of Bonnie and Clyde is a surefire example of compatibility, yet it illustrates the difference between unconditional love and superficial love.

Both Bonnie and Clyde came from the same origins, this is, poverty stricken homes. Both of them were tired of bad relationships and teamed up to commit acts of violence at the same time that acts of crime. During their involvement as a couple, the two partners remained faithful and loyal to each other, and often illustrated the true meaning of love, since it took death to separate the two. While the two had the human mechanism needed to originate love, the two also had harmful intentions of the type of relationship they would join.

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While Bonnie and Clyde relationships are a thing of the past, there are couples today that join in relationships with good intentions, but harmful habits and this often leads to anticipated disaster.

There are many examples of harmful relationships in case studies around the world, captured in papers, media, etc. An example of a harmful relationship can be appreciated in the following story. It started out with the seemingly perfect relationship, which grew to the seemingly perfect family. The traditional family composed of father, mother, and children. The father worked daily in a mental health clinic, while the mother worked both at home and outside home. The father was later murdered by his wife and made the public wonder how such a seemingly perfect family arrangement turned so bad.

It turned out that the father while appearing loving in public, was manifesting violence and abusive behaviors at home while always keeping a low profile. Under this conditions the mother got tired and fed up with the situation, she addressed the issue in a desperate manner, which turned into the extreme physical act of murder.

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As you can see, human mechanisms and elements that compose love were lacking in this family, since obviously the man had no respect for his family, or members.

Unfortunately, not every book has a cover that shows the reality of the story inside. Equally, there are persons that do not always present their real face to the person that will be his mate in a relationship. A person can live years with another individual and never detect flaws that could lead to harm, until the dark day arrives and ugly things happen. Others leave trails that indicate potential harm, but the partner being so much in love, and with lots of expectations fails to see the traits and evidence that is put in front of his eyes throughout the relationship.


Source by Adrian Norman