About Boxing Gear, Gloves And More

Boxers are not really required investing in upper halves simply because of the fact that the game itself doesn’t have a place for jerseys. The jerseys with sleeves hinder the kind of movement involved here. However, the absence of jerseys doesn’t really mean that typical boxing gear are light and almost devoid of anything. Let us tell you that a typical boxing gear contains the following elements:

– Anklets

– Bag gloves

– Focus Mitts

– Shoes

– Trunks

– Trouser

– Head Guards

– Groin Guards

– Hand Wraps

– Shin Guards

– Double Target Mitts Paddles Mitts

– Thai Shorts

– Punching Bags

– Mouth Guards

– Speed Balls

– Kick Strike Shields

Each and every piece should be purchased with due sagacity. There is no dearth of manufacturers providing boxing gear around. However, do make sure that you are only accessing products of those known for providing quality goods. Today, we’ll be offering you a simple guide to buying a pair of boxing gloves. Let us browse through in order to find out more in this regard.

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Are You Considering These Factors Without Fail?

Let us tell you that zeroing in on the right pair of gloves is not really a walk in the park, considering the fact that there are several factors that need to be kept in view.

The first factor which comes into play is the size of the product. The most common sizes made available are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. It should be duly noted that the size and weight of the gloves do not correspond exactly with each other. A 14 oz sized product does not weigh 14 oz as well. The size tells you which weight you should train with. The weight remains an important factor determining the choice of the product because different boxers have different comfort levels when it comes to training with gloves with different weights. The bigger products are backed by better padding and more protection. It takes the time to get comfortable with the heavier gloves.

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You should also acquaint yourself with different types of bag gloves. The classic and modern bag gloves are different because they serve you differently. The classic ones don’t really offer much wrist support and don’t weigh as much as a training glove.

More About Them

The modern bag gloves have more padding and offer much more protection than that of a classic counterpart. A few of the qualities offered by these products are better wrist protection, better knuckle protection and of course proper weight. They are often regarded by boxers as a remedy for everything that their classic counterpart lacked.

Please make sure that you’re actually considering these points thoroughly before selecting your favored product. It is extremely important on your end to check the background of the manufacturers thoroughly before you’re actually settling for the product. You can compare the rates online and be sorted as well.

Hope these points have been off due help for you.


by M A Minhas