Accomplice Of The Criminal Mastermind; Alenga Ethel Passes On

Alenga Ethel who is well recognized as the master mind behind the many recent domestic terrors of her uncle; Mahamadu woke up on 31 August, 2019 only to hear the news of the demise of her beloved uncle and partner in crime. This didn’t come as a surprise to residents as cause of death is as a result of excessive smoking and drug abuse diseases. Mahamadu popularly known as Amingo has a long medical history of heart diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, and hernia.

Despite his many baneful health conditions, he has been involved in countless cases of robbery several of which he was apprehended for. He has served at least 5 years total jail time at the Tamale prisons.

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Alenga Ethel has long played a leading role in Amingo’s domestic disturbances as she has publicly identified herself as his sponsor with her motive being hate for other family members. Alenga Ethel derives so much joy in seeing her beloved uncle terrorize other members of her own family which includes physical brutalities against her very own grandparents. Witchcraft?

THE SHOCK: Alenga Ethel has fueled countless number of confusions inside and outside the family whilst being overseas. She is also known to have duped countless number of people in Ghana not limited to members of her family.

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Close sources have indicated Mahamadu would have been alive today if he had limited access to drugs but unfortunately his niece Alenga Ethel made sure he always had enough cash to buy his mood altering drugs which ultimately resulted to his death at the Tamale Central Hospital.