Adding Non-Steam PC Games and Windows 10 Games – LaunchBox Tutorials | Video

Today’s tutorial will cover importing non-steam games into LaunchBox and Big Box.

I go over importing GOG games and games from the Windows App Store.

Importing Steam Games Video –

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  1. I did everything exactly like you said and none of my Mame games worked;and the Pc Games folder didnt recognize any of the windows games I have ; ie Killer Instinct ;Space ace;dragons layer and Pinballfx 3 ; The games just blink after all those hours of downloading . Can You Help me!

  2. Hey eta prime i know this is a old video my launchbox witch is new and up to dat as im in 2019 my launchbox does not have file or game where you do i have the full premium license plz help

  3. Shorter way 2019: don't bother creating a shortcut. Drag and drop the game exe directly onto launchbox. Select Windows as platform. Done.

  4. How I did it:

    1. Open Steam

    2. Click on: "+ ADD A GAME" (bottom left corner of steam)

    3. Choose "Add a Non-Steam Game…"

    4. Choose "BROWSE…"

    5. Go to "C:Windows"

    6. Scroll down and open "explorer.exe" from "C:Windows"

    7. Leave it selected and click "ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS"

    8. Press "Windows key + R"

    9. Type "shell:AppsFolder"

    10. Find the app or game you'd like to add to Steam

    11. Right click on the app and choose "Create shortcut"

    12. Click "YES" to the shortcut being placed on the desktop

    13. Go to your desktop and right click on the new shortcut

    14. Select properties

    15. Write down the "Target type" or "Target" (We will need it later) Example: Target for Minecraft Bedrock: "Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App"

    16. In Steam, go to "LIBRARY-> GAMES"

    17. Right click on the game "explorer" and select properties

    18. Change icon and name to fit the game you'd like to add

    19. Select "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…"

    20. Type "shell:AppsFolder<Target type or Target here>" for Minecraft Bedrock: "shell:AppsFolderMicrosoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App"

    21. Click "OK" then "CLOSE"

    22. PLAY

  5. Since Alt + F4 closes open windows, maybe that's an option to exit PC Games, link it to a hotkey, or is that just wrong ?

  6. Dont know if you do videos anymore but you have been a huge help Learn about Emulators through a friend and I am hook try other programs but love the launch box and your videos have been a big help thank you

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