AdvrCntr4.dll Errors Fix – How to Fix AdvrCntr4 Errors Caused by Nero on Your Computer

Advrcntr4.dll is a file used by the “Nero” (CD / DVD authoring software) to help it control various features & components inside this complicated piece of software. Unfortunately, the file is used so much that it’s often being damaged, corrupted and saved in the wrong way – leading Nero to show errors for it. If you’re seeing errors caused by Advrcntr4.dll, then you need to be able to fix the various problems which are causing the errors to show – which is exactly what this tutorial is going to show you…

The errors you likely see caused by this file include:

  • “This program requires the file advrcntr4.dll, which was not found on this system.”

The errors you’re seeing are basically caused by this file either being corrupted, damaged or missing from your PC. The problem is that because Nero requires the use of this file continually on your system, if it cannot find it, it’s going to either show you the error or just not work. The way to fix this problem is to first repair / replace the file on your computer and then use a registry cleaner program to fix any of the system issues which may be affecting it.

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The first step to resolving this issue is to reinstall the Nero software on your PC. When you reinstall Nero, you basically allow the software of your computer to replace all the files which may be damaged or causing a problem. This can be achieved very easily by clicking Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, and then removing Nero from your PC. After that, install Nero again – which should allow it to run without any errors. If you do this and find that Nero is still showing errors, you should replace the advrcntr4.dll file on your computer with a new copy from the Internet.

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The second step to fixing this error is to use a “registry cleaner” to resolve any potential issues on your system. Registry cleaners are popular software tools which are designed to scan through your PC and fix a number of common errors which often form inside the “registry” database of your system. The registry is a central storage facility for all the files & settings for your computer, and is a crucial part of every Windows system. Unfortunately, this database is continually being corrupted & damaged, leading to many different errors appearing. DLL errors often appear when a large “list” of all the DLL files & their locations on your computer are damaged. This is a pretty common error and can be fixed by downloading a registry cleaner program and letting it scan through your PC.


by James Henry Johnson