Angelfish Diseases – Proper Cure For Your Angels

There are two categories of angelfish diseases. These diseases can be contagious so make sure to separate as soon as possible the infected angelfish from the other clean and healthy fishes in your aquarium. The first one is the bacterial angelfish diseases and the other one is the parasitic angelfish diseases. Both are curable and could be prevented from proper care. Both are also caused by sudden change of environment, shipping time and stress.

Some angelfish diseases are Cotton Wool Disease is caused by low heat, poor water quality or crowding. You will some translucent on the skin of the angel with this infection, Dropsy, Popeye, Bleeding or Red Streaks on Skin Vibrios is the main cause of this internal infection, Fish T.B. ñ if you will see your angel starts to loss its color then it is likely to be infected with this, Hexamita is another angelfish diseases in which angelfish can get this infection because of climate change, stress and even poor water quality. Ich or White Spot Disease if you see some white spots on the angel’s skin then it is likely that your angel is infected with this, Velvet Disease the main symptom of this is when the eyes’ of your angels have dusty golden film on it and Cotton Mouth White “Cotton like” fungus on the mouth and lethargy and loss of appetite.

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Another types of angelfish diseases are Ich or White Spot Disease if you see some white spots on the angel’s skin then it is likely that your angel is infected with this, Ammonia Poisoning with symptoms of red streaking on the fins or body, purple or red gills,fins are torn & jagged, Anchor worms with symptoms of ulcers may appear, tiny white-green or red worms in wounds, frequent rubbing or “flashing” Black Spot with symptoms of small black speckles on body, frequent rubbing or “flashing”. Cataracts with white or grey “foggy” eyes, eye looks like it has a slime coat.

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Any angelfish diseases can be prevented if you will give and provide proper care for your fish. Make sure to check the water and its foods regularly. If you happen to see any of these symptoms present on your angelfish, you should separate and quarantine the infected angelfish form the other fish to prevent the spread of infection. Having infected fishes can cause great problems both to the owner / breeders as well as to the other clean and healthy fishes on the tank. You can quarantine your angels for 14-21 days and you should provide them some brine shrimp to help them clean out their immune system.


Source by William Ousley