Any Thoughts On Transhumanism, Robotic Parts Or Genetic Manipulation For Off World Colonies?

Are humans about to take full control of their own evolution? Yes, in fact, I would submit to you that it is already happening – consider prosthesis, embedded electronics, brain enhancement drugs, stem cell therapy, and the incredible amount of research money being spent on transhumanism. A few years ago, we had a comprehensive dialogue on this topic and it was amazing who obvious these trends were to us after we concluded these discussions. Let me explain.

First, one of our think tankers stated; “I’ll start with trans-humanism, I love that word. I believe our evolution will be through this technology. I am one of the few who believe that it is OK to have electronics put into our bodies.”

Yes, as long as we remember that the resonance (frequency) of the devices will affect the optimal resonance of the localized cells, and each type of cell in the body has a particular optimal range. This is a theory of mine and so with regards to embedded devices, we need to be careful not to cause problems too, but I am not a conspiracy theorist, we need to do what works best.

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Indeed, I also believe that tools plus human biosystem integration will give us the best of all worlds, better than biology and better than computers, a boost if you will, just like an AI chess champion system cannot beat a human working together with another AI chess champion system. Nor can a human beat the combo either. Just like IBM Watson was able to dazzle us, but let’s not forget that it was the humans choosing the questions in the first place. Sometimes the questions, queries, or stimulus is more important than the highly sophisticated autonomous system.

Why have an autonomous car if it really doesn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do? Now then, where can a modified trans-human go? That is to say a biologically modified or enhanced version of a human? Well, they could go to other planets that have different gravity, atmospheric density, radiation exposure, food supplies, and the modified human with a human brain could survive and thrive. What difference does it really make what vehicle the brain is in, as long as it has similar sensory input and all the nutrients it needs to think, and live? See that point.

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Why send a fragile human to an environment so hostile to its genetic makeup when you can make a perfectly suited human species spin-off that is exactly adapted to live and thrive there? Think on this – it is the future of space traveling humans.

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by Lance Winslow