Arbanassi – Konstantsaliev’s House

The houses of Arbanassi are unique in their eternal architectural style and cannot be seen anywhere else in Bulgaria. Each house of Arbanassi was surrounded by high and thick walls that also served as a defense against enemies and all of them had their own hidden place. The windows at the walls are small and studded with solid iron bars. They resembled tiny models of fortresses. On the other hand they were luxuriously decorated by attractive wood-carving/ fretworkover the ceilings, doors and windows.

One of the brightest examples of the authenticity and magnificence of the Arbanassi houses is the Konstantsaliev’s house. It is located just opposite the Kokona fountain in the central part of Arbanassi and was most probably built at the beginning of the 18th century. At first it was owned by the family of Kokona Sultana and later on it was purchased and restored by Leon Philipov and transferred to the museum. The Konstantsaliev’s house and its enormous yard are encompassed by solid walls. There are two ways to enter the house – the central entrance which is bigger and is on the south-west side of the yard, and the smaller one – at the north side.

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The Kostantsaliev’s house has two floors with spacious and cozy rooms. The first floor consists of rooms for the guards and the servants, stock rooms, a cellar and a covert. The second floor is composed of a winter and a summer bedroom, a sitting-room, a kitchen and service rooms. The way the house is decorated inside with wood-carving, wall paintings and decorations is evidence for the unlimited creativeness of the Bulgarian masters. Inside the house there is a variety of dishes retained in a good condition, items and possessions of the former inhabitants, which nowadays are of a great interest and show us the ordinary Bulgarian’s lifestyle.

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Source by Stefan Valev