Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in Nine Weeks

This is a book specifically written to show musicians how to promote their bands. I’m not a musician, so you might wonder why I would be interested in reviewing it. Some years back I was involved in band publicity in a very small way. My son studied piano and guitar. He played in a number of local bands and they cut a few CDs. At one point he envisioned a career in the music world. Aside from being an appreciative audience, I helped with publicity and started a web site for him. Although he is now involved in other pursuits, such as raising a family, music is and always will be a part of his life. And now my two grandsons are on the brink of starting piano and guitar lessons. Who knows, I may be promoting them one of these days so I read Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt with an eye to the future. Wow, have I been out of touch. There is so much more to promoting these days.

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Ariel Hyatt has solid credentials. She founded Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a music publicity firm in 1996 and she holds workshops and boot camps to teach musicians how to achieve success. I was very impressed with her step by step guide. She doesn’t miss a thing. The book is packed with great ideas. So much has changed and so many new avenues for publicity have been opened up by the digital age it’s easy to miss what might be an important step to success.

With week one the author begins by creating an atmosphere for setting realistic goals then week two teaches you how to write a good pitch to describe your music. Next she tells you how to optimize your website and get visitors to join your fan base. Week four is all about Cyber PR, using social networking sites to connect with fans. In week five you will be creating your blog and in week six a band newsletter. In week seven you will learn how to grow a healthy fan email list. The internet is important but you still need an offline presence. Week eight shows you how to connect with people in person. Week nine helps you create a product line, CDs, tee-shirts, etc. the book may seem high priced but it’s well worth it and you also get a free lifetime membership to Hyatt’s closed online Mastermind Forum where you get support and can meet other musicians.

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Ariel’s book is not a lot of hype and self promotion. She teaches musicians how to promote themselves. A lot of the advice is applicable to other professions, especially artists and photographers. The book is easy to read and fun to follow. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting more publicity and is willing to devote nine weeks to doing it.

Publisher: Ariel Publicity; First edition (June 20, 2008)

ISBN: 978-0981633107

Paperback: 152 Pages

Price: $34.99


by Gail Pruszkowski