As You Pray, Move Your Feet

We would all like to make a wish upon a falling star, rub the magic Buddha belly, lucky rabbits foot, or say a prayer to God, and believe all our dreams will magically come true, but the hard reality is, it seldom, if ever happens.

The Quakers had a saying “As you pray, move your feet.” Meaning don’t just make a request and expect a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Make your request to God, Allah, the universe by all means yes, but take action to make it a reality, because in essence the God can do more through you, than he can do for you.

(for the sake of this article we will use God), As an example, to pray to God to win the publishers clearing house and then never entering it, is a clear case of praying and not moving your feet. It’s just not going to happen. To often we are lazy in our requests to God and expect miracles with little or no effort from us. If we are seriously committed to a desire and/or goal, stay focused, stay on track, and God will lead the way to your destiny, but God has to do it through us.

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Think about the times in your life when you have had your greatest achievements or desires come true. Did it just happen out of the blue, or were you so focused on wanting that thing in your life, that nothing was going to stop you? I’ll bet you kept your eye on the prize, letting nothing distract you, and gave that goal your full attention didn’t you?

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This is a prime example of God opening up and clearing the path of success your you. Thought, Word and Deed. Thought =what you desired. Word= Your expression of that thought to God. Deed= Moving your feet in action toward your desired goal.

It is a powerful, unstoppable combination for success. If you’re struggling to reach your goals or to have your prayer answered the way you would like, take stock of your commitment level. If you approach your prayers with undeniable faith, coupled with action, the path will become clear and you will achieve more and more in your life.

Remember, Thought, Word & Deed, and let God work through you to fulfill your utmost desires. God be with you, to your success,


Source by Terry Poster