Astrology of Recovery From Diseases

The planetary position of a horoscope chart indicates the nature of the disease one would suffer from and how they would affect him. Diseases and death are can be previously ascertained and adequate provision can be made to arrest or minimize such evil influences.

Factors influencing diseases and possible recovery from it

Ascendant: native’s vitality and vigor.

Sun: general build up and strength of the physical constitution.

Moon: indicates mental health of a person.

6th house/lord: ordinary ill health and disease or acute disease.

8th house/lord: fatal nature of disease causing mental disturbance and anxiety to life.

12th house/lord: hospitalization due to chronicle problems.

Combination for contracting diseases:

  • Sun is aspected by malefic constitute susceptibility for illness.
  • Saturn aspecting 6th house/lord.
  • Saturn and Moon combined in sign Cancer.
  • Sun is influenced by Mars and Venus.
  • Lord of 6th and Sun combined in ascendant/8th house indicates diseases affecting face.
  • Lord of ascendant and 8th combined together.
  • Lord/house of ascendant is aspected by Saturn and Mars.
  • Lord of ascendant and Sun combined in 6th/8th/12th house.
  • Saturn and Mars combined in 6th/8th house.
  • Lord of 6th combined with Moon in ascendant/8th house.
  • Malefic in 6th with no benefic aspects cause continuous illness.
  • Jupiter and Moon posited in 12th house.
  • Sun, Mars and Saturn combined in a house, gives disease in the organ denoted by that house.
  • Malefic Mars is being placed in an evil sign.
  • Lord of 8th house is being hammed between malefic or the planets in debilitation.
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Combinations for early recovery from illness:

  • Strong planet placed in ascendant gives early recover from illness.
  • Lords of ascendant and 10th house are friendly with each other.
  • Lords of 4th and 7th houses indicates quick recovery.
  • Lord of ascendant is related to Moon, and Moon is influenced by benefic planets or posited in quadrant, indicates early recovery from illness.
  • Lord of ascendant and Moon placed in quadrants, having benefic influences.
  • Moon placed in its own/exaltation sign and related to a malefic planet indicates speed recovery from disease.
  • Moon in a movable or common sign aspected by lord of ascendant or planet/s placed in it.
  • Moon in its own sign posited in 4th/10th house, indicates speed recovery from the illness.
  • Sun/Moon aspected by benefic and placed in ascendant/4th/7th house indicates quick recovery.

Combinations for delayed recovery:

  • If lord of ascendant is placed in an even sign and there is enmity between lords of ascendant and 10th house or between lords of 4th and 10th house, indicate delayed recovery from illness.
  • Lord of 6th related to 8th/12th house/lord indicates difficulty in recovery.
  • If planet/s in 12th house has no connection with 2nd and 10th house, but related with the 6th house alone, indicates prolong treatment in a hospital or confinement to bed in connection with treatment.
  • Moon or Venus placed in ascendant indicates delayed recovery.
  • Ascendant placed in 12th house indicates slow recovery from disease.
  • Lord of ascendant combined with Mars, represents very slow recovery from illness.
  • Lord of ascendant placed in 6th/8th house and lord of 8th placed in a quadrant, indicates lingering suffering from physical ailments.
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Possibility of death from physical ailments:

  • Lord of ascendant is placed in 4th/6th/7th place from the lord of 7th house, indicates possibility of death from a chronicle disease.
  • Lords of ascendant is weaker than the lord of 8th house.
  • Lord of ascendant related with set/retrograde planet/s and placed in a quadrant, indicates possibility of death due to illness.
  • Lords of ascendant and 8th combined in a house.
  • Lords of ascendant and 8th placed in a quadrant and influenced by cruel planets, indicates liability of death due to illness.
  • Relation between lords of 6th, 8th and 12 houses indicates death in a nursing home, asylum, and sanatorium due to prolong illness.
  • If Jupiter related to 8th house and afflicted by evil planets, indicate death from blood poisoning, cancer, liver trouble or inflammation of lungs.
  • Saturn in 8th house indicates long life but denotes slow and lingering death, if it is not in its own sign.
  • Uranus connected with 8th house indicates death from incurable disease or the patient may die due to wrong diagnosis.
  • Neptune related to 8th house indicates death after being in the state of coma or unconsciousness due to an overdose of drugs or allergy.





Source by Geeta Jha