BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MEDITATION » for a positive & productive day (part 1) {VIDEO}

Increase positive energy, calmness and productivity throughout the day with a short morning meditation. You can also use meditation in the evening to unwind, relax, and destress. ☟click to show more☟

This series teaches the basics of mindfulness meditation for beginners. In this episode we practice: finding a comfortable seat, bringing your attention to the breath, and becoming aware of any sensations and thoughts that enter into the mind while meditating. We will explore what to do with these thoughts and emotions in the next video.

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  1. I watched your house plant care video first. Since then I've been watching your videos. Let me tell you this: Lady! Your vibe is healing! Right now we have to stay at our houses because of corona. And your videos are lifting my mood. You have one of the best channels in whole wide YouTube World. Thank you so much!

  2. Heyy i want to know that while meditating wht sould we think in our mind ??? I knoww that we have to take breath slowly … Pls tell me the more things about things …

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  4. I have found that correct posture makes such a big difference that it was worth experimenting around with it. Tilting the pelvis forward a bit helped a lot, whether from using a meditation bench or sitting on the edge of a cushion. Unfortunately I did not get the most out of my vipassana meditation retreat at the time due to poor posture. Am using the tilted posture now at my current meditation school (Drukama school) and it is making a big difference.

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