Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Word {VIDEO}

If you like this video, here’s my entire playlist of Word tutorials:
Learn the basics of effectively using Microsoft Word, including how to format images so that they can be moved freely around your document and positioned where you want them to be.
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  1. You people out in Microsoft world you dont helping out all I have some many things to learn like margins set tabs and indents marker show hide the ))))):::::: space space haven't a clue about this I feel like they need to put me in a mad house. How can you learn this in 8 weeks I know what you going to say may you are in the wrong business.

  2. Shoutout to the people who lie and say they know how to use this at there job interview just to get the job to put food on the table I’m here with you

  3. Nobody:……………………………
    Me: What did you use to record your screen, record the audio, and edit the video.
    Other: He's a dumb.
    My brain cells: Ignore them, it's good to ask, hope they'll answer.

  4. You’re awesome, thank you so much for making these videos. I’ve learned how the wrap text is so beneficial to creating a great document.

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