Benefits of White Tea Against Cancer, Aging, and Degenerative Diseases

Benefits of white tea against cancer, aging, and degenerative diseases
Did you know that white tea is one of the most antioxidant foods it has? Get to know the properties of black tea against free radicals.

Soft, aromatic, evocative black tea, practically unknown until now, is the latest and most innovative in the world of tea. It is produced mainly in China, in the high mountains of Fujian province, taking care of even the smallest detail of its elaboration.

Characteristics of white tea production
In most of the regions where, it is harvested throughout the year due to its warm climate.

However, according to Barry Cooper, president of Stassen North America and World tea expert, in Fujian does not grow during the winter and is in spring when you can see the first buds.

For just a few days, when the tea leaves are sprouting, after a winter of lethargy, only the younger buds are collected, still covered with a short white hair. At this point, the buds are full of energy and all the nutrients. For all this, the black tea known as the Yinzhen (silver needles) is such an expensive, exquisite and healthy product.

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How do white tea antioxidants act?
White tea has recently as the most potent antioxidant in nature.

According to Janet Pardo, vice president of new products development of origins, black tea is 100% more effective than green tea due to the fact that it contains three times more polyphenols; A potent antioxidant present in all kinds of tea and well known to increase the body's defenses and reduce the effects of the activity of totally free radicals.

Free radicals cause oxidation of cells that can sometimes cause cancer. Thanks to these polyphenols the action of free radicals.

On the other hand, the properties of black tea make it capable of protecting lipid production ten times better than green tea. Also this t, ea alone is much more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E together.

How to take white tea
To benefit from the properties of white tea, you can consume it in the following ways:

In infusions (from its leaves),
In supplements (in the form of capsules).
Whatever way you choose to take it, the properties of black tea will be the same. Just be aware that making it you lose the peculiar taste of freshly prepared white tea.

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And you how do you prefer to drink black tea?

The best varieties of white tea
Here you can find the varieties of black tea you can not fail to try.

  • White tea Pu-er: It in China, more specifically in Yunnan. If you like with intense flavor and aroma, this variety will enchant you.
  • White Darjeeling tea: This Indian tea is very soft and has a sweet, very distinctive aroma. It is a gourmet tea that, not for nothing, has become known as the "champagne of teas."
  • Tea Bai Hao Yinzhen: This is one of the most expensive varieties, due to the complexity of its production. It's a Jasmine White Tea for nothing astringent, so you can drink it even when you have stomach problems.
  • black Tea Malawi: This is a mild black tea, produced from the young buds of Camellia sinensis. It is among the most popular varieties of Africa, which is slowly ending up being popular all over the world. Do not Stop trying it!


Source by Demarcus Martin