Blogging: How to Become a Blogger-For-Hire

Want to become a blogger for hire? Websites need content, and if you have blogging skills, a blog job (or several of them), may be for you. Ideally, you have your own blog. You’re also enthusiastic about this form of Web writing.

Let’s look at four steps which will help you to get hired.

1. Who Are You? Choose Your Topics

Firstly, decide what areas you’d like to cover. If you have a background in industries like health, business and technology, you’ll find ample work.

Alternatively, go with your interests. If you love cooking and food for example, there are thousands of food-related sites and blogs.

Perhaps you’re intrigued with a subject, and have no background in it. Can you still get a blog job in this area? Yes, you can, but you’ll need to get up to speed. Do a course in the area, and practice.

2. Show You’re an Expert on Your Own Blog

Once you’ve chosen your specialty, start blogging about this area on your own blog. Show that you’re an expert.

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Yes, you can still get blog jobs if you leave out this step, but they’re likely to be low-paid ones. The greater your experience and expertise in an area, the more you’ll be paid.

3. Learn SEO Basics: Your Posts Need to Be Found

To be read, your blog posts need to be found. This means that you need to know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO.) You don’t need to be technically expert. The companies which hire you will hire SEO specialists. However, you do need to know about on-page SEO — page titles, descriptions, keywords and linking.

Get into the habit of optimizing the posts on your own blog, so that these skills become habitual.

4. Guest Blog to Gain Visibility

You’ve chosen the areas or areas in which you want to blog, and you’re revealing your expertise on your own blog.

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Your next step is to get known. When someone is considering hiring you, they’ll type your name into a search engine. If you’ve been guest blogging, your articles will appear.

In addition, when you become known as a guest blogger, you may be approached with work offers.

5. Propose: Target, Approach — Get Hired

Everyone’s busy. A company’s marketing manager may consider that blogging is a good idea. However, it’s likely that this idea has been pushed onto the back burner for months, if not years.

As you get to know businesses in your area of expertise, check to see whether they have a blog. If they don’t propose a blog. Don’t expect to get hired instantly. You’ve planted a seed. Follow up on the initial contact, and follow up again.

Sooner or later, you’ll get hired.

You’ve got four steps to get hired as a blogger. Get started, and build your new career.


Source by Angela Booth