Blogging Vs Vlogging

If there is something taking the internet world with a bang, it is video. There is no more need for one to stay concentrated on the computer trying to read something as it can be out into a fun video. The funny thing is a video no matter how fun, will still be able to achieve conveying more information than words with its inflections and gestures.

If you have a blog, the best content that you can put on it today is video. It will help increase your revenue as more people come to view the videos and it will also improve how you connect with your blog readers.

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Imagine how easy it is to have an interview on video instead of having to write down the names of each participant each time they give a remark.

Writing is much more difficult than creating a video.

A story that took thousands of words to finish can be created into a 5 minute video that is just as if not more descriptive. The video would also take just about 30 minutes to get to completion from doing the recording to publishing it.

Bloggers, no matter what topic it is they like to blog about are now also seeing the power of video. Film and broadcast have become their most powerful tools of reaching us with their comments, recommendations and experiments. It is today known as video blogging.

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In many circles, video blogging has been dubbed vlogging. The blog is just your same old blog but now it makes use of videos instead of text. The media consumers that used to be all over the internet are now more and more turning into media makers.

Despite not having a lot of promotion from the part of Apple, the Apple iTunes pod casting feature also permits vlog subscribing.


Source by Andrew M. Miller