Book Review – Faceless by Debra Webb

This is not your typical romantic suspense. Oh no, not by a long shot. It’s gritty, it’s taught, and it will keep you guessing until the end.

Carson Tanner our hero suffered a personal tragedy of major proportions fifteen years ago. The incident molded him into a determined and a very successful Assistant District attorney, whose main ambition in life is to put the bad guys behind bars. He separates people into two categories; the good and the bad with no shades of grey. That’s until he meets Anne Baxter, a total and complete anti-heroine. I gotta give Ms. Webb props for coming up with this character. You absolutely cannot believe how she’ll turn this story into a romantic suspense (emphasis on romantic). Our heroine, absolutely falls in the category of bad people.

Despite having a very rough life, our heroine Anne turned things around for herself, rising to power in political and social circles. She didn’t enter this world through birth right, or hard work, she did it through some of the most devious ways possible. In fact, she’s as devious as the politicians that run the city. But, she’s being set up. She knows it and decides to strike first. That’s where Carson comes in. Mister “Abides by the Law” finds himself neck deep in a conspiracy that threatens to unravel not only his existence but the very fabric of what he’s been holding onto for the last fifteen years. The fact that there’s raw, sexual, gritty tension between Carson and Anne is what you might expect based on the fact that they are completely opposite. But the author takes it to the next level, the reader actually develops compassion for Anne and what she’s had to do to make it in the world. No apologies, the author doesn’t try to sugar coat it. Proving once again, this world has many shades of gray.

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One of the key plot points is that every human being has their breaking point, and you discover each characters breaking point through an intricate series of crosses and double crosses.

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Ms. Webb knows how to create intrigue, drawing you in with good, descriptive dialogue and a taught suspense. She develops intricate layers in the relationships of the characters, and slowly unravels the mystery.

If you like conspiracy theories, like I do, this will be a hard book to put down.

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