Boost Your Foreign Language Learning Success With These Four Fantastic Techniques

Learn Any Foreign Language Faster

Congratulations! You’ve undertaken the study of another language. There are quite a number of options available to increase your skills and boost your language learning success. We will delve into four specialized techniques to help speed up your progress and even make the process more enjoyable along the way. Let’s get started then.

1. Read the news online in your target language

If you’re learning Spanish, for example, your Spanish language skills will be of increasing use if you regularly catch a news broadcast in Spanish from the country or countries of your choice. You’ll also get insights into cultural and current events you’d likely miss with “class room foreign language exposure” only. By all means if a printed version of a newspaper is available locally, don’t hesitate to pick up a copy regularly to practice with when you’re not online.

2. Listen to radio, music and songs in your target language

Personally, I think that anyone seriously studying a language to learn good communicative skills owes it to themselves to incorporate music into the language learning process. When you find a popular song you really like, look up the lyrics on the internet, download the song to your computer and practice it until you can sing it yourself as well as (or better than) the original artist. Check out a music store which might carry popular and classic music in the foreign language you’re studying. The sales clerks and owners might even prove to be valuable resources to help you along as well.

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3. Use videos, visual documentaries and television programs for language skills improvement

Yet another excellent technique to improve your language learning skills fast is by watching videos, movies (with subtitles if need be) and television broadcasts in your target language if at all possible locally. If not hundreds of foreign languages are available on the world wide web. You could also pick up a documentary or two, even travel related ones, which can inform you about a location where the target foreign language is spoken. The local library, music store or shop which specializes in ethnic goods may have materials you can employ in your noble quest to dominate another language. Don’t forget ethnic restaurants and clothing stores either. Often these may carry small stocks of language-based items apart from their principally promoted goods. They might also be helpful in directing you to other resources which you might not currently know about.

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4. Get a “Pen Pal” or foreign correspondent in your target language

Instead of mindlessly surfing the net, why not put it to a more constructive use by finding an online correspondent in the language you’re learning? You’ll learn about cultures associated with the foreign language first hand, likely from a native speaker too. These kinds of things unfortunately, are too often neglected in the language learning class room. You’ll have a distinct “leg up” on all of the rest of the class. There are “friends” of all types and age levels to be found online, via foreign language magazines and periodicals world wide. These present an excellent opportunity to learn elements of a language and its related culture first hand from a native speaker.

Boost Your Foreign Language Learning Success

Use any or all of these recommended techniques to ramp up your skills when you want to break out of a learning plateau, initiate a change in your learning routine or if you simply want to expand your linguistic horizons as much a possible. Whatever your reasons are you can easily boost your foreign language learning success using these four fantastic techniques. Why not try one out now?


by Larry M. Lynch