Boxing Technique Three Components of a Boxer

How to become a competent boxer is one of much hardship in the beginning.

Through heightening intensity of training as fitness allows, as result of tolerances growing accommodating harder fitness routines. Slowly as the body recovers from each training session, stamina does grow. So tolerance to achieve better results takes pace of the train of thought, driving the will to succeed.

Very shortly after achieving a level of fitness is it possible and able to then learn or better boxing abilities. While training is in it’s self proof of progress in stamina levels. Being so hard when beginning becomes second against thinking of how to improve boxing abilities. Which earlier when starting training was hardly possible for being constantly out of breath or only able to train in shorter sessions. Is able to learn utilise and even improve on as result of stamina improvement.

Tolerances play a governing role in all boxing abilities. If not having fitness enough for training about to be undertaken, so pushing when training to the limit of capabilities. Say training along side or with fitter boxers much fitter for the sake of explanation. Sickly is the since resulting from such exertion of actions, sometimes to the actual point of vomiting. Though if reaching this point in training then you are really overdoing it and seriously are verging on high risk of injury.

Physical pains felt often heightening two days later are very unforgiving, leaving a state of mind similar to trauma. Though measuring how much would be hard to achieve, from one individual to another, each person being so individual to each other. That then said it is true to assume each person having gone through the above exertion in training, will feel the sense of an old saying, having been dragged through a hedge backwards.

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This can go on for weeks at a time, a very hard time at that. Till reaching the best physical state of achievement, ability, fitness and effort can willing manage to supply. Where 100% of focus can be then utilised actually on boxing technique. Fitness and stamina are merely the foundations for boxing, not the complete action. Fitness alone shall rarely be the victor in any match, where technique prevails in the opponents arsenal.

Three stages are at hand in this system of training for boxing.

1. Tolerance the mind set which needs time to accommodate training. Push at always a slower pace than wishing to achieve. Instead of pushing and extra minute or going for ten more repetitions of the exercise being executed. Instead try half a minute or five more repetitions to allow tolerance to cope. So avoiding complete loss of focus on boxing abilities training, the real reason for the whole purpose of boxing training, learn to have patients.

2. Physically, stamina and fitness training to accommodate building a high level of continual output of physical energy. Which is not concerning to deliver over many rounds, so allowing 100% focus on the job at hand. Utilising all at once everything that has gone through training, in the build up to this point in a match when boxing. Liken to a foundation of stamina accelerating when required allowing strategy and technique to take the points and so the match title.

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3. Technique of boxing or style of fighter is this a third importance of boxing. Why third? Being the last section of boxing study or learning possibly achievable. The two parts mentioned above lacking tolerance and stamina will not allow 100% focus. So not perfecting movement, timing, distance, balance and most importantly momentum of movement when punching. Crushing potential lacking in stamina every plan and strategy failing rapidly. Losing the boxing match before the rulings of loss has even entered the minds of the judges.

1, Psychological, 2, physical stamina and 3, technique are perfected through fitness all three are really one, the components of a boxer. Once balancing training routines with what is tolerable, establishing a greater length in time to work on stamina building. Will bring better results over the long term with more endurance and over all tolerances to punch for points when it truly matters.

Perfecting landing of punches when needed exactly targeted as and when required. Persisting too overcome the opponents driving movement of attack, so then winning decisively the boxing match.

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by Lawrence Crampshee