Boxing Tips and Punching Tricks

Boxing is all about technique and accuracy when you deliver that left hand crochet. Endurance and sheer pure muscles are also a must when we talk boxing at a professional level. So here are some useful tips you should consider for perfecting your boxing skills in the ring.

First off, get in shape! If you want to be a professional boxer, you should really hit the gym and build those muscles. Stamina is a real important factor when you engage in such an intense fight, so make sure you are prepared.

Once you start the match, you should always be prepared. Learn how to foresee a punch coming your way and defend yourself with the high-up arm guard. This useful tip may be combined with an easy safe trick: keep your jab high and with your right hand make a direct low strike. Being offensive might just be one of the best strategies to defend yourself, so be ready to strike back whenever possible. K.O. is always a good idea for a fast win, but you need to really know when exactly is the right time for that. Wait for that special punch that will get you the victory you’ve always wanted and use it just at the right moment to deliver a fast knockout.

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Practice slow jumping around. This means, always keep moving and keep balancing your body weight from one leg to the other, so that you are always super flexible and your punch versatile. Also, by practicing this slow jumping motion, you will confuse your boxing partner, making it harder for him to hit a moving target.

If you have an opening, make the most of it as quickly as you can. It is really important to have your eyes on your opponent and to follow his every move and look for a week spot. If there is just a fraction of a second where he lets his guard down, there’s your change to attack. And this is the best opportunity you have to practice some punching fast tricks. One of the most effective ones is the high elbow trick, keeping your left elbow high up to protect your face in a much better way then just a punch with a low elbow. Try it and see how all punches can be defended successfully. Another trick you can use is the leaning right strategy, just after leaning the body straight forward. Your body will invite your opponent to straight hit you, while you fast move your head back and then your body swirls right to avoid that punch. This trick is part of a really good counter-attack strategy, that of instantly right-punching your opponent, since his defense mechanism were all involved in trying to straight-hit you.

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So try to put into practice some of these tips and tricks and see how your boxing techniques are sharpen out and your game play improved.


by Michael I Rad