Breaking Free from the Pain Body, Demons, & Egoic Tendencies – Eckhart Tolle & Oprah, A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle spoke with Oprah during their 5th online class about relational accountability and making a pact to point out the pain-body in each other whenever you see it in operation.

Tolle: “You have to point it out at the beginning before it takes over completely because once it’s taken over completely, the person won’t be hearing you anymore. But at the beginning, you could still say, ‘Could that be your pain-body?’ Even that is dangerous, but you could try.”

Eckhart said it is dangerous because usually pain-bodies don’t like to be exposed, identified, and confronted. Because they work in cooperation with an egoic pride within the mind, they deny the very own existence they create.

I refer to such pain-bodies as demon spirits, which feed on the inner hurts and wounds within people. When our minds are not renewed according the Word of God, we leave ourselves open to all kinds of foul thoughts to feast on the unresolved issues within us.

Accusation, justification, and self-exaltation are often the tendencies of the egoic mind; all of which alienate others and cause disharmony in your relationships. Once this door is opened to the demonic, demon spirits can come in and further cause havoc in your soul.

Further complicating matters within and lying profusely to thwart your true identity, demon spirits solidify their stronghold upon a person’s life.

Oprah herself picked up on the demonic nature of what Eckhart calls the pain-body, saying: “You speak of the pain-body like it’s an alien force, like it’s like a ghost of some kind.” (chapter 5, page 47 of transcript)

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Speaking of breaking free from the pain-body, Tolle said: “You can free it instantly, but although not the whole of it necessarily instantly, but in the moment some of it can be transmuted.” (p. 48)

In this I wholeheartedly agree and disagree with Tolle. I agree that a person can be possessed and / or influenced by numerous demon spirits, which might mean setting them free could take longer and be a progressive work. Mary Magdalene for example was delivered from seven demon spirits that oppressed her (see Luke 8:2).

As a person renews their mind and ceases to identify with the foul voice of demon spirits tormenting them, they can break free from the demonic influences and tendencies. Likewise God’s Holy Spirit can break the chains on the soul and the demonic influences that arrest one within. Jesus cast out devils by the Spirit of God, after which the mighty Holy Spirit came to live and dwell within His disciples (see Matthew 12:28).

Where I disagree with Eckhart is in what he calls “transmutation” of energy, or transformation. Certainly at an emotional level such energy can be harnessed and transformed for useful purposes. As it applies to the pain-body and the demonic influences therein, I believe demon spirits cannot be transformed by human beings.

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Demons won’t to possess us in such a way that we identify with them and essentially absorb their nature, allowing them to have a body through which to express themselves in the earth. That being said the best we can do is get rid of them and break their hold over us, after which God Himself at the end of the age will forever judge them.

Demons are disembodied spirits that were formerly angels created by God. Upon rebelling and being judged by God they were cast to the earth, having but a short time before they are judged throughout eternity.

Eckhart therefore is right in his assessment of the universal pain-body as an expression of all human beings’ collective individual pain-bodies. Ultimately Satan himself bears the most pain of any being on earth, because he (formerly known as Lucifer in heaven) was utterly rejected and cast out of the Presence of God. The demons under and working with Satan seek to thwart God’s divine purpose for mankind and make us excessively focus on ourselves rather than on our Creator. Herein lies the first and greatest deception, which disconnects us from the power of Presence and our divine identity in God.

Meanwhile demons spew negativity and seek to find toxic people to indwell to further perpetuate their torment and pain.


Source by Paul Davis