Breaking Our Addiction To World Religion; Is It Possible?

The World has a Supply and Demand issue with World Religion and it is time that the human species break her addiction to foreign World Religions to head off the coming Global Heated Disaster of future conflicts, chaos and controversies leading to international terrorist attacks, genocide and World War Three.

We need a Kutoff Treaty to stop this insanity and all nations must sign it as soon as possible. Each nation must work to control and terminate its toxic religious condemnation of other cultures and religions and control its emissions of radical fundamentalist beliefs.

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The World must break her addiction to World Religions so that the future of the human race can be realized. If we fail to fix this future catastrophe then we will have severe culture shifts and go off a culture cliff into WWIII. Every nation must participate in culling the coming crisis if mankind is to live together in peace.

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Can humankind curb its abuse of their minds and break our addiction to World Religion and move into the future we all seek and participate in the forward progression of the species without blowing our selves up in a Global Meltdown? Please consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow