Bulletstorm Keeps Lagging – How To Speed Up Bulletstorm Complete Tutorial

If Bulletstorm is lagging on your PC, it’s a sign that this game has some sort of problem that’s preventing it from being able to read the files & settings which allow it to run properly. We’ve found that this game is so advanced that there are a large number of potential problems that can occur on your system – making it vital that you’re able to repair any of the errors that will be leading it to run slower. We’ve found that the best way to boost the Bulletstorm application is to first make sure the game is working correctly and then to speed up the Windows system.

The main problem with Bulletstorm will be with the files that the game will be using to run. The most common reason for the Bulletstorm error will be through the way in which your system will not be able to process the settings the game actually requires to operate – meaning that you should first look to reinstall the software to help it run smoother. This is best done by clicking onto “Start”, selecting “Control Panel” and then clicking onto “Add / Remove Programs”. This will allow you to remove the game from your PC, boosting its speed and reliability as a result. After re-installing Bulletstorm, its’ recommended that you then restart your PC and re-install the software.

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After reinstalling the game, it’s recommended that you then use a “registry cleaner” to scan through Windows and fix any of the settings that may also be leading the Bulletstorm system to run slower. These are software tools which work by scanning through the registry database of Windows, and then fixing any of the possible errors that are inside your system. The registry database is where all Windows systems keep the settings they require to run, and are continually being used to help your PC read all the vital files that are required for it to operate. Although not many people know about the registry, it’s continually causing a large number of problems that will lead your computer to run considerably slower.

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You can speed up Bulletstorm by using a registry cleaner tool to scan through your PC and get rid of the errors that it will have inside… We’ve found that a program called “Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0” is actually one of the most effective at boosting the speed of Bulletstorm.


by Greg Toddles James