C++ Game Hacking Tutorial Ep.1 | Reading/Writing Memory {VIDEO}

The absolute basics of reading/writing memory in C++.
For those of you who want to make an aimbot, or walhack: This is the place to start. You need to learn to walk before you can run.

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ALSO forgot to note: If you are having errors that you don’t understand, make sure you go to project / properties / Configuration Properties / General / Character Set. Change it to multi byte.



  1. i didn't understand a thing, i don't even know how to code i just want to use aimbot in fortnite 😉 and i don't want to pay for some stupid hacks i don't know how to download

  2. why PBYTE* instead of LPVOID for reading? (i know nothing about reading and writing in c++ im just curious cause it didnt make sense to me)

  3. Great video, there are a ton of ppl doing vids to hacks on offline games like this. Would you mind making a vid to an online game and it works? Thats what most ppl are going to try to attempt to know anyway.

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