C# Programming Tutorials: Beginners 05 Windows Forms and Event Handlers | Video

Part of the series of tutorials on programming C# for beginners

Takes a quick look at Windows Forms creating a basic calculator UI and hooks in button event handlers


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  1. You can hold shift to select more than one thing at a time and it lets you change the value of all of them at once. I did it for the buttons and when changing the column percentages

  2. Wheres the part 2 of this video? I am having trouble getting the buttons to click and writing the functions im exactly where ur at

  3. 25:20 into video, tutorial shows events being recorded when clicking buttons on created calc. My program, using MSV2019 does not show any events, and makes no sounds. Ideas?

  4. Oh Dang just from the first minute of this I understand Front End Dev Headaches/Stress. I mostly work with scientists/engineers so making something absolutely beautiful isnt the full priority in my work timeframe. If a project does get pushed back for some reason then yeah I can make it prettier but otherwise functionality is priority

  5. For me, windows forms have one necessary feature that WPF doesn't have. Charts. As I know, there are third party charts for WPF… either free or fast. Not booth.

  6. Thank you so much! I encountered a problem. When I try Ctrl+C/V to copy buttons , instead of filling the cell I clicked, it automatically added a new row and fill it.

  7. A bit too complicated for some reason… you'd think it would be easy but for some reason, my Form1.cs was extremely different from your Form1.cs code.

  8. What is a safe choice for WPF and forms for maximum Windows compatibility, such as Windows 2016 server, Windows 2019 server, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 10 IOT?
    Is that compatibility narrow the programming language choices?

  9. Hello sir, can we do multithreading in winforms? Is it advisable ?
    I am making an application to load excel file to a database.
    I have already created an excel vba application to export the data to sql server database. But because of new business requirements we decided to create an winforms application using datagridview to display excelsheet where user can add some data and the upload it. I am building it but its very slow, any advise would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

  10. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge! You show how the Click events are wired in the code but I didn't see where the keyboard events were auto generated. What does that code look like? Does pressing escape simply call the CEButton.Click event or should there be a properly named CEButton.EscapeKey event?

  11. Hi guys, I am looking to develop in C# but I want to have a light-weight editor (IDE). Visual Studio seems the ideal IDE but, I do find it too heavy for a laptop I guess. So what would you guys reccomend?

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