Calisthenic Workouts – How to Get a Lean Hollywood Look

Calisthenic workouts consist of dynamic exercises that are used to develop strength, power, endurance, balance, range of motion and flexibility. They generally use the body weight as a resistance and are usually conducted in concert with stretching.

I know that many people prefer to go to the gym and pump iron on sophisticated equipment, but there are some other ways to stay in shape.

Unless you are a professional bodybuilder, you do not need fancy machines to build quality muscles and lose weight. You can get the lean and muscular Hollywood Look at home by doing a simple but highly effective calisthenic Workout.

Although this type of bodyweight fitness workout is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and gain muscle, it is still generally overlooked by fitness trainers all over America.

It is not like they don’t know about calisthenics. Let’s say that they prefer not to talk about it. Nevertheless, when celebrities are asked about their new lean and muscular physique, they are all talking about bodyweight exercises.

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I wonder why all this secrecy?

Who discovered these calisthenic exercises? Well, calisthenics originated in ancient Greece and they are linked to Greco-Roman gymnastics.

Does anyone else, except Spartan warriors and the Hollywood celebrities, use this training method? Let’s take a look around, shall we? Virtually hundreds of thousands of people are extremely fit and healthy because they are using calisthenic workouts.

Groups such as gymnasts, military, martial artists use calisthenics and their physiques are stunning. It is amazing what we can achieve just by using body weight as a resistance.

These simple but effective bodyweight movements stimulate all the muscles and joints, resulting in a full body workout that increases muscle growth, strength, flexibility, coordination and will also burn excessive fat.

All people, men and women, children and the elderly, or others with injuries and disabilities will find calisthenics beneficial because of its applicability in everyday life.

Beginners in calisthenic workouts will get the best results with these seven bodyweight exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, dips, sit-ups, crunches, squats and lunges.

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These exercises must be performed with strict form, technique and correct breathing. This will eliminate the risk of injury and joint fatigue.

With proper techniques, calisthenics exercises can be modified to increase or decrease resistance allowing the practitioner complete control of the intensity of his workout. Advanced practitioners can also accentuate the negative aspect of the movement.

A major benefit from calisthenics workouts is that you will be able to understand your body better and discover how it works. calisthenics will take you from strength to strength and over time,you will discover your physical limits and know how far you can push them.

Another more “visible” benefit is that You Will Look Good!

So, what is the best calisthenics workout to improve your physique and get the lean muscular Hollywood Look?

Feel free to follow the link in the resource box below and find out!


by Edward Platz