Can I Really Make Money Online?

You certainly can! You can also make money by investing wisely or working a 9 to 5 job, or starting a business. Play along with me for a minute.

Let’s just say that you stumbled across a message hidden in a book in the attic of your grandmother’s house that tells you about a treasure chest filled with gold and precious gems valued at over $1,000,000.

Now, the message tells you that this treasure is buried under a rock, three yards north of an apple tree, in an orchard, behind an old gray barn, a half mile west of a big white house, on a dirt road, five miles east of Anytown in Anystate in Anycountry.

You have never been to Anycountry. You have never been to Anystate. You have no idea where Anytown is, let alone finding a big white house, a barn, an orchard etc. But you know that Grandma never lied, right? So it’s really out there.

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How quickly would you buy a map?

How fast would it take you to gas up the car or buy a plane ticket?

How would you come up with the time or money to make the trip?

You see, it’s all about commitment and belief. You believe Grandma and you’re committed to finding the treasure chest!

The Internet has provided us with a treasure trove of opportunity. Taking the journey, however, requires that kind of commitment and belief.

Possibilities abound out there in cyberspace just waiting for you.

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Yeah, but…? Do you suppose that Bill Gates succumbed to the “yeah buts.?” Where would we all be if he had?

Before you even think about a business.

Before you start toying with domain names.

Before you rush to point and click to buy a web site.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I believe the treasure chest is out there?

Am I willing to focus, commit and do whatever it takes to find it?

If you answered yes to these two questions, you’re ready and I wish you Godspeed!

If I can provide you with any assistance, please let me know. I CARE.


Source by Patty Baldwin