Cancer and Death of the Planet Result From Use of 666 and Religions

Humans cannot change because we are programmed by our inner voice, and that is how we are controlled by the Spirit of the Universe. My insight derives from my reincarnation and knowledge that religions are the enemies of that force. There is no heaven or hell but fear and reward promoted by organisations to attract people to their messages and prevent them from leaving.

That brings up the question of why has it been allowed if the Spirit is such a power? The answer is simple and logical if one has an open mind.

To begin with the Spirit communicates with its people. That is those with a link to it. To hep us identify them and to stay in touch rules were given that are contained in prophecies in the Old Testament and in Revelation. To understand those required input from that link and guidance to the oldest religion that has been buried by the lies of modern ones.

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The Spirit demonstrated the first ideology and how it was altered by devious means so that the roots and links were concealed behind a barrier of deception that normally cannot be penetrated. That is called the ‘Wall of the Daughter of Zion’, which is mentioned many times in the bible.

It also showed how much language and historical changes have allowed this to happen. The question of when and how religions developed and the identity of 666 were also made known. The depth of knowledge to appreciate the emergence of modern faith and unravel the so-called mysteries was where it took me to do the job.

The research and that knowledge is given freely so those who are linked to the Spirit will know how they have been deceived and their spirituality robbed or altered by fear. Those not connected are like the soil in which the former have grown despite the handicaps. Now they are being gathered and this revelation is aiding the harvest.

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Religions and 666 have been used by the Spirit to bring this about. We are in the end times as most now realise and the ingathering is taking place, according to the prophecies and the promise of the real God. The unconnected will disappear as they are but a tool to produce the best of the crop. The aim was always to bring those called the Children of Israel to their inheritance at the end of the day. It is happening now.


by Norma Holt