Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Candle magick is a form of magic that has been used for centuries, and it’s one of the most common forms of sympathetic magick in existence. The basic principle is that by focusing your energy on your desires, you can manifest those desires. Using different colored candles can increase the focus and the energy of a particular magickal working, based on the energy that already exists within certain colors. Each color is attuned to a different kind of energy, so by using the correct color, you can increase the power in each working.

Yellow Candles

Yellow is a color of the sun, and is often used in solar-related rituals. It is also used for creative workings, or to gain focus during spells or rituals. It is also a color that works well when you’re doing spells to gain the attention of others, or to persuade others, although it’s important to remember the free will law before working any type of magick. Yellow’s day of the week is Sunday.

White Candles

White candles are lunar, and work perfectly for any moon ritual. In addition to that, the color is universal, so white candles can be used as a substitute for any color if you find that you’re out. White candles in magick are often used for seeking truth, gaining psychic sense, and spiritual enlightenment. White’s day of the week is Monday.

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Red Candles

When you think of the color red, you might think of love or passion. These are a few of the things red candles in magick can be great for. Spells involving passionate situations and matters of the heart can be enhanced with red candles. They’re also perfect for fertility, strength, courage, and will power. Red’s day of the week is Tuesday.

Purple Candles

Purple is a very spiritual color, and purple candles are great for spiritual workings. These candles work very well with magick that is designed to increase power, financial success, and ambitions. Purple candles are also very helpful for those who are trying to touch the spiritual world. Purple’s day of the week is Wednesday.

Green Candles

Green is a color that is associated with financial subjects, money, business endeavors, etc. Using green candles in magick that is related to these topics can enhance those workings. Green’s day of the week is Thursday.

Blue Candles

Blue candles can be used for healing magick, wisdom, harmony, and inner light. It is a color that represents peace and guidance. Using blue candles can enhance spells or magickal workings that have to do with these situations or themes. Blue’s day of the week is Friday.

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Black Candles

Candle magick can be greatly enhanced with black candles. This color represents the unseen, and can help you to achieve deeper meditative states. Black candles can help you sink further into your ritual so as to connect more easily with the Great Spirit. Black is also perfect for banishing magick, including dispelling negativity or negative forces. Black’s day of the week is Saturday.

Pink Candles

Pink candles in magick are perfect for romantic situations, and can help you attract a soul mate. The color pink is connected to friendships, feminine energy, and honor.

Brown Candles

Use brown candles in magick when you’re trying to uncover what is hidden, or find things that have been lost. The color brown can also help you when you’re trying to make a difficult decision. Concentration and financial security can be increased by the use of brown in magick.

There are many complicated rituals that can be done with candles, but a simple ritual involves quiet meditation and reflection. Simply light the candle in a color that works with your desires, and visualize your desired outcome clearly. The candle should be kept in a place where it will not be disturbed, so magickal altar is a good idea.


by Michael Blue Eagle