CMD Port Hacking tutorial part 1 | Video

This is the first cmd hacking tutorial
sorry for slow typing i wrote almost anything with one hand


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  1. nice information good …keep it up bro…. and please upload a video more about hacking with cmd…. which I never show in youtube ok bro.. please reply me✋😊 iam from nepal.☕☕

  2. message for hacker, if you want to upload on youtube just a little load mb / kb it, i like hacker and anonymous, 1 again darkweb … hehehe, I stupid, please help learn.

  3. dude learn how to spell if you want to hack, i literally watched the first 6 seconds of this video and i am so upset that is 6 seconds of my life ill never get back

  4. thankyou i open ip of my freind and i hack this ip i hack account paypal of my freind thanks thanks bro thanks i have best money

  5. everyone is making tutorials about how to find open ports….. its that easy any kid can find it. How to hack into system and websites with those fucking open ports….nobody is telling that.

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