Command Line Basics for Ethical Hacking | Video

In this video we will cover some basic Windows and Linux command line operations.

As most pentesters attest, command line mastery is a key component of operating system mastery. Additionally, mastering several operating systems is one of the main components of being a good penetration tester. After all what’s the point of exploitation if you can’t “own” the system after you exploit it?

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  1. I added a password in command prompt and did not maange to check the added password before the computer crashed and now i am logged out without access or back up access. Any thoughts?

  2. Very disappointed in this video. It sounded like he had a cough drop in his mouth the whole time also he jump from topics that did not connect.

  3. hey…
    if you all watching this video they wanted to test you and see if youre keep watching those stupid video. no one would not show you a real hacking skills but some of them are right but i would not recommenced trust that man…..

  4. i got this error
    C:infosec>tftp -i get pwdump2.exe
    'tftp' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  5. when i try to create a new user, i get system error 5: access is denied.  I know that I'm an administrator on my machine, do you know why I am getting this error, or how I can fix it?

  6. The six who downed this vid just don't get it. Hacking is tedious and slow. It's an art for those who take the time to learn it. The fun is knowing how to do something and do it well…. 

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