Computer Training Part 1 – Learn Computer in Urdu/Hindi – Learn Computer {VIDEO}

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This is Computer Basics Tutorial for biggenners in Urdu & Hindi.Every person must have computer information. This is computer basics tutorial which will give you computer basics information.This video contains computer basics for dummies.this computer training courses is free in urdu and hindi.Mostly people want to learn computer this is best and free computer tutorials .Now we are providing computer tutorials online for free and all these computer tutorials are so easy.Now you can learn online free because this is part 1 of Learn Computer in Urdu/Hindi.So you can learn computer in hindi and learn computer science. We are trying to make Computer easier to use.This Computer Training will help you to learn and use computer. I hope you will like this computer course in hindi. This is free computer training for beginners. You will like this computer tutorial in hindi.Now you can Learn Computer in Urdu/Hindi by attending these lectures.
View our lecture which is exclusively for different Computer student. Our lecture is easy and interactive. Students can easily access it. It is according to the curriculum developed for the students.

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All these lectures are conducted in Urdu/English medium to facilitate Pakistani students.

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