Connect to HIGHER SELF Guided Meditation | Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self {VIDEO}

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In this Guided Meditation/Hypnosis you will get to meet/Connect with your Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the REAL YOU, beyond the many lives we live in the world of matter. It can be a difficult thing to contemplate as it must be experienced subjectively rather than something that can be understood intellectually.

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We try to give you the tools to connect with your Higher Self, so you can go within and discover what you have always known!

Once you connect to the Higher Self some of the benefits are said to include:

– Higher Sense of Intuition
– Discover your soul/life purpose
– Answers become easily revealed
– Take control of your own life
– Discover your abilities to heal
– Discover unconditional love for all
– Out with the negative
– Honesty and Truth
– Inner and outer abundance
– Aware that you are in the world but not of it
– Ultimate gratitude

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We hope you enjoy this meditation!

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Connect to Higher Self Guided Meditation | Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self

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  1. Download our App for free:

    Apple iOS:
    Google Play (Android):
    Amazon: Coming soon!

    We would like to thank you all for your support, it has meant so much to us and we hope to continue to grow together.

    If you like our work we would really appreciate a nice review in the App store to help us get it going 🙂

    You can find out more details about our App here:

  2. So I started to get kind of stressed as I can’t seem to focus because of external events in my life. and I stopped meditating. Am I doing something wrong? It felt kind of dark.

  3. When you wanted me to see the room and something in the room I don’t see jack shit.
    It’s always like that I dont’s see shit. Just darkness

  4. I get in a calm state but I can’t see anything at all ☹️☹️☹️☹️ am I suppose to imagine it or let it appear in my head naturally

  5. Beautiful soundtrack… wonderful experience….I am listening to you now during the pandemic and isolation… but I realized it’s not the it’s not the first time??….with the photos on the wall ?✨✨✨. The last message that came thru was such a breakthrough, with regards to my daughter and grandson; they are lost to me right now, and I heard that she will have her awakening, in her time. ??♥️. Thank you from the core of my beautiful being. ??✨

  6. Personal experience (didn't make to meet my hs)
    But something that really impressed me is when it came to nature and all the flowers I was able to imagine more then 30 ones and they all just swiped next to my eyes.Feel so relaxed rn

  7. my higher self was a beautiful black woman with curly hair and antlers wearing a silk robe and covered in flowers. her eyes were glowing blue and white which is the color i see in my aura. she sat with her feet hanging off the chair and her voice was so slow and smooth. she was such a badass ?

  8. why is it so difficult for me to imagine a setting? is it a lack of imagination? I can imagine a meadow, island, flowers, etc but when it came to the room and the pictures, practically nothing, an empty room except for two chairs and a table. there was one picture hanging from the wall but it was a blurry form of a person standing. I sat there in that chair calling out for my higher self but nothing formed. i know this takes practice but each time i try im met with nothing. idk if it matters but I am able to completely relax, calm my mind and focus on breathing, the only problem is my eyes always slowly open no matter how hard I try to keep them closed! even with my eyes open im still in a trance and can listen to the mediation with no distractions but I feel like it messes with the experience.

  9. this actually worked so well for me. i was in that room with my higher self and i was expecting to feel intimidated when they walked in, but no, i felt a sense of familiarity and admiration. she was gorgeous. she looked like me but had the prettiest eyes. she had long, dark hair that was in a long braid with the stray hairs curled. she had on a purple/blue off shoulder ruffled dress and had on diamond jewelry. she screamed elegance and wisdom. i couldn’t believe that was my higher self. she was so gorgeous. she was kind and gentle and I felt that she found my shock and excitement adorable. she showed me glimpses of my questions and would get feelings as a response to them as well. at the end of this, I felt more love for myself since this gorgeous being was also me. I was so into this meditation, which never really happens for other meditations I’ve done, and I lost touch with the physical world for a bit and was actually in my head. I loved this so much !

  10. Idk if what I was “visualizing” was just my imagination going with the flow. But I saw Jesus. He was sitting on a brown wooden chair across the table from me. He just smiled at me and reached his hand out and we connected through light of some sort with my hand stretched out to his. We both wore white robes/togas? Except he had a golden belt/rope wrapped around his waist. We were both barefoot as well. I asked him questions like what’s my purpose? Who did you create me to be? Are you proud of me? What am I supposed to do? He just kept smiling at me. Then I got up and he embraced me. I felt his warm embrace as he cradled my head and repeated “my child. You are going to be okay” His hand illuminated golden sparkles of light that he placed over my forehead and transferred that light into my mind then my hands and feet and my heart. And I saw those parts of me sparkling gold light and i felt a sense of power, strength, joy, energy. He wouldn’t give me straight forward answers but I thinkkk he said something along the lines of “I will never forsake you.” I walked away as did he and i said last “im going to make you proud. And i will” which is a family joke IRL..and he responded with a strong powerful loving voice that smiled “You will.” And he walked into the light.

  11. I played this yesterday night before sleeping.. Was so sleepy that didn't read the title and thought this was sleep hypnosis video.. And this was my experience..i don't remember a single word from this audio but I had two dreams through which I got answers to two problems that were really troubling me and making my life hell. And after waking when I remembered the dreams I felt content. There was no more confusion. Just a deep sense of understanding, knowing and total acceptance of what has been, what is and what will be.
    Thankful for this audio ???✨

  12. God bless all of you amazing people for we are all masterpieces of our Heavenly Father and May you all go into this dark world and heal it and turn into a bright beautiful Earth I love each and everyone of you who read this and just know that God has an amazing plan for each and everyone of us

  13. My higher self was soo mature and so beautiful, it was the most beautiful being ive ever seen, i fell in love, she gave me soo many advices on life, and accepting my true self and letting go of the past.

  14. I tried very hard, but I cannot see the photos in the first room, nor can I see my Higher-Self. I can see the gold light turning into human shape but then can’t see anything else… again had to turn it into a figure of an actress who’s beautiful… why can’t I connect with my higher self?

  15. Does any1 know th speach where a man is speaking for about 41 or 51 mins? I know there's thousands of them. He speaks about inner self. The spirit inside you. When you wiggle your finger it's th god inside you doing it! The picture of th video is like this magic finger! I fell asleep to it once and I've been searching for it ever since. Any1 know it?

  16. I got until 18:44. When i was told to picture the creatures (animals) i pictured something scary. I enjoyed it but didn’t feel safe laying in my bed and a bit anxious. My ears are ringing but i pictured myself in a white dress.

  17. He was beautiful. Blue eyes, blonde hair, wings, whitish robe thing, wood sandals, with these goldish feather things on his head, and freckles. Thatz crazy yo

  18. Higher self has no need for right choices.. it is isness itself indifferent like Lao Tsu tried to describe in Tao Te Ching.. no words will get you there.. play the sound of rushing water and sitar sloley.

  19. I tried this and felt very tingly in the beginning and my eyes began to relax and I started seeing a purple light in the darkness just dancing around doing circles. All of a sudden I felt a panic and that I needed to get out of it and I opened my eyes and now I feel nauseous.

  20. My higher self was gorgeous . She had dirty blonde dreads and piercing blue eyes all the way round , not a single white in sight . She wore a gold and white type of dress thing that just flowed . And she had gorgeous plump reddish lips . The feeling I had was surreal. It was like the room was spinning and tears kept coming out of my eyes . I asked her to hug me and I felt so overwhelmed with emotion and love that I almost started balling . I asked a few questions but I didn’t seem to get any answer (maybe not one that I understood yet anyway) . I only lasted around 30 something minutes .
    I’ll definitely try this again

  21. In order to reach your higher self. Aka your higher consciousness, which is awareness.
    1.)You must first realize you are under a programming we were all born into to keep us from reaching that level. It was put in place by the generations before us so far back that the ones in power don’t know how far back it goes.
    2.)After you realize that then you have to realize that you are your consciousness and that your body is just an extension of your being.
    3.) to control yourself. You must first realize you have control. Then realize you have a right to choose.
    4.)You must also claim the freewill father has given to us and choose to never let anyone or anything hold you back ever again.

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