Conspiracy Theory at the Salton Sea – A Short Fictional Story of Intrigue, Corruption and Deception

In 2019 there was a secret meeting between several socialist elites who’d been plotting for decades to take over the US. They’d had success getting folks elected or appointed to the highest offices and agencies in our government. They now control the top Ivy League law schools, and they run a good many of the largest US corporations. Basically they run the game. The meeting was secret because this time they were planning their final strategies.

They sat in the dimly lit room going over the final details. They were going to create a mega-disaster, blame it on Mother Nature, declare Marshall Law, suspend the constitution and forgo the upcoming Presidential Elections. No one knew of the plot, but someone had figured it out, a blogger, and they tried to label him as a conspiracy nut, but he’d gained too much popularity.

Worse, the plan had already been put into place. The Salton Sea had been denoted an “Alternative Energy Zone,” and Geothermal companies had been pumping the sea water into deep emptied reservoirs and onto molten rock to break it up in a fracturing type method. Soon the San Andreas Fault would come alive, a 9.0 Earthquake was expected which would cause chaos, and an unheard of disaster. Unfortunately for them the blogger had written:

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“I hereby charge those involved with this with a long-term conspiracy to create a situation whereby a giant earthquake will occur, and thus, use that disaster to control, forcing in government into greater power. We have little if any transparency with regards to these things here, we have questionable recently elected politicians who’ve been fast-tracked to higher office by the socialist-elite, and we can’t put anything past them. Yes, there is thermal energy available, but only if the methods used are closed loop, if not, we could cause earthquakes, big ones, pay attention to this, you have been forewarned.”

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Little did anyone else know but the same socialist team had set up a bioterrorist attack in Washington DC using an imported virus from the Middle East, which would be put into processed food, and some water supplies. Also simultaneously, the conspirators set up a collapse of NYC’s underground water supply system. All this would occur for the October Surprise. The FBI was running blind, and the NSA’s special system to track communication had been shut down, and there were not enough details to bring up the conspirators up on charges, worse, all the enforcement agencies had also been compromised.

How does this story end?


by Lance Winslow