CoQ10 – Miracle Supplement For Heart, Cancer, and Hypertensive Patients

CoQ10 is a coenzyme produced in your body to assist and optimize vital body functions. But like food derived body nutrients, there are deficiency problems when there’s not enough of it in body cells. CoQ10 also doubles as a general purpose antioxidant with a large plus factor. It is a miracle supplement for heart, cancer, and hypertensive patients. Too, it is a coenzyme that speeds up and enhances the burning of glucose and fat to produce energy for the trillions of your body cells.

Here’s what Dr. Karl Folkers, the World’s leading authority on CoQ10 , says: ” We have heard that patients in advanced cardiac failure, who had only a few months to live, under close medical care, have revealed almost miraculous improvement after treatment with CoQ10 , and such is a step of progress in cardiology. Proof of the effectiveness of CoQ10 is now known to medical science… Proof of the safety of CoQ10 is known”.

Another specialist, Dr. Sole, an American Cardiologist, can also give his own testimony on the efficacy of CoQ10 . He referred one of his heart patient for a PACEMAKER surgery. But months later the PACEMAKER surgeon returned his patient, saying the surgery was not necessary. The patient had been taking CoQ10 during the three months waiting for surgery.

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Dr. Michael Schacter, MD. F.A.C.M., is among medical doctors that not only prescribe CoQ10 to his patients but also take it regularly for his own upkeep. He reports a study on 14 cancer patients on the drug, ADRIAMYCIN which side effect includes poisoning and damage to the heart. Seven of the patients were given CoQ10 with their ADRIAMYCIN while the other seven had only ADRIAMYCIN.

The seven with CoQ10 had no heart problem while the seven not given had deadly toxins in their hearts.

During the 8th International Symposium on Biomedical and Clinical Aspects of CoQ10 held in November 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Knud Lockwood MD., and Dr. Karl Folkers, PhD., presented a paper on 32 “high risk” breast cancer patients who were treated with nutritional supplements, which included 1% 90mg of CoQ10 , 1% 2,800mg of VitaminC, 1% 2,500iu of VitaminE, 1% 96,667iu (58mg) of Beta Carotene, 387mcg of Selenium, 1% 1.3gm of linolenic Acid, Omega6(GLA), 1% 305gm of Omega3 fatty acids(EPA). None of them died 24 month after the treatment, whereas, no fewer than 6 would have died with conventional treatment.

Many of them had rapid remission of their breast cancer and when the daily dose of CoQ10 was increased from 90mg to 290mg, the tumors disappeared in 30 days and in “60 days later, their cancer had disappeared from the mammogram” and “there were no trace of the mass on the x-ray”. For 15 years, Dr. Folkers followed the patients and many of them had no trace of cancer.

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Another ‘high risk” woman who had been given a “non-radical breast surgery” took 300mg of CoQ10 . In 3 months after, her cancer disappeared completely.

In one of the reports, a daily intake of 225mg of CoQ10 reduced hypertension in 85% of 109 subjects.

In another study in Italy, 80% of 1,113 patients with heart failure (average age 69 years) improved with daily intake of 100mg CoQ10 with their normal medicines. In Sweden, low levels of CoQ10 in the heart were found to cause the death of heart patients. Thus, the efficacy of CoQ10 is known and proven.

CoQ10 is sold by the name Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. Ubiquinone is cheaper but less readily absorbed in the body since it has to be first digested, during which most is lost. Choose Ubiquinol, when you have a choice. It is more expensive but much more readily absorbed into the body.


by Eyo U Asanga