Counter Strike

Counter Strike – it’s a game that everyone at least once has to try playing it. It’s the only game that has all the elements of true competition and sweat-soaked-shirt anxiety as well. If you like action, weapons, the feeling that you are saving the world from the evil terrorists or if you want to be yourself one of the terrorists than you have to try this game.

Counter Strike divides players into teams of terrorists and counterterrorists in four game modes: rescue / hold hostages, bomb target / defuse bomb, escape from / guard an area, and assassinate / guard a VIP. None of these ideas are original, but in this game they are very well implemented and they gain an effective balance between realistic stealth and frenzied action. Games are played in short rounds and when you are killed you just sit out the round as an invisible observer. The selection of different weapons during the game makes Counter Strike even more exciting. Each weapon has its own characteristics, so mastering them all and learning which is best for every different situation is a lot of fun. This is your chance to be closer with these strong weapons and try its power. The superlative sound effects of the weapons, which make guns to sound remarkably realistic and powerful, makes them viscerally fun to shot and the equal care that is given to the other game sounds, like explosions, injuries from weapons or falling, glass shattering and so son, makes this game even more interesting, you can also send auto messages to your teammates and make a good strategy together.

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Counter Strike is the only online game that has experienced the mixed blessing of its immense popularity and the only game that still gather people from all over the world to come and make a competition, to see which team is the best. So if you want to enjoy playing this game you have to be prepared to leave your ego at the door when you encounter the countless veteran player’s that you will face online.

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by Marina Janakievska